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if you do not know why i write then leave your comments aside do not bother to tell me what you think if you are going to be rude in the comments you leave do not even bother i do not want to hear it i am not a bitch i swear this is true i am just tired of people being rude i write to get my emotions out yet some people use what i write to hurt me instead so if you are going to comment on what i write try to be nice do not be rude in things that you say if you can do i promise that everything will be alright
i write when i am happy sad hurt or just plain mad i write about the good times i have had or the heartbreak i have felt i write about the ones i lost or the ones that did not care to stick around i write about the funny things in life as they happen i write to express my self in ways that no one would ever know when i write a ease feels my soul and peace comes again when i write its not always happy but i write to let it all show if you know me and i mean really know me then you know that to me writing is life its something i must do to be able to sleep better at night writing ... its me
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