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I pose the question. What is true love? I think too often we look for true love in the wrong places in life, some people look at work, the gym and church. Many people look there whole life for their soul mate and never find them. Then we find that person who we think its them, or people are the wolf in sheep clothing, that they trick people into believing they are their true love. What we forget to do is look deep inside of ourselves for the answer.This is were we get hurt.True love is hard to fined but we need look hard and be honest with ourselves. Once we are honest with are self than its easier to fined true love. Every day we meet people on the street. Have ever wondered is that person for me? I believe we meet people for a reason. Today we need to say hi or how are you doing? We all might make a new friend or fined that special someone. Have you ever thought about some of the people we meet in every day life.I have meet some cool people that share their thoughts on life for a brief time with me. Funny thing we learn something from it. We go through life alone until that special person comes along and that feeling that hits our heart. Words can never describe the feeling. We always remeber that kiss, touch and the feelings we have with each other.We will always remember those feelings. Losing that feeling is the worst feeling of life. It feel like the whole world is crashing down on our shoulders, our heart torn out of our chest. Today, I had to do the hardest thing ever in my life to do. I had to let go of my wife of 17 yrs. My life is destroied.Like I said true is hard to set free but I truely love her and want her to be happy. When should a man stop fighting fro his woman? Its hard to explain to a woman,why a man needs to fight for his woman. Is it pride? Yea Is it love? Better be. I am in so much pain more than I can handle. Loseing my true love is hard. I feel like half my life is gone. When you ask a person to please leave your wife alone and they dont, the anger builds up. The person lacks respect and morals for a married woman and her family.....remember what comes around goes around.. THE BASIC FACT IS TRUE LOVE HURTS YOU AND WILL MAKE YOU GO INSANE. please rate this blog
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