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SugarBooty's blog: "'Ratings' n 'LC'"

created on 10/11/2006  |  http://fubar.com/ratings-n-lc/b12677
Why does it seem like everyone is being rated a 10!! Ratings are funny,i just started to get the hang of them myself,feels weird to rate people so i'm a very conservative rater,i rate when a rating is deserved ..I dont just rate physical appearances i rate the overall profile ,personality, sense of humour, niceness:),sexiness, etc.. I feel almost conceited,selfish,greedy, undeserving of ..accepting these ratings from strangers, I DONT THINK IM A 10! If your judging me from just physical features,maybe a 7.. BUT i am a 10! if your rating my personality,profile,and sense of humour....i dont get how people can rate someones profile or pic and then turn around and advertize it on persons website..hahahah...lol its funny...guess it gets them ratings quicker to reach there ranking goals..anyways if you've been rated by me and not many have...then it comes straight from my heart and just from the lil bit i know of you..not rating just your pic...well unless its a c--k pic i happen to stumble across hehe..thats a different category altogether when it cums to ratings, but ya....and another thing i noticed is the more skin you show on LC the higher your ranking is ....the more friends.... FAMILY....and fans you have....lmfaooooooo so i guess im not gonna be ranking it too much higher...because,,, well im just not like that kinda girl... Rate me if you think i deserve it ONLY! HAPPY RATING!! Oooooopsy me forgot one more thing....PLEASE DONT leave Any of those chain letters on my webpage they're pretty impersonal and to me it's just spam.. if your gonna leave anything on my website leave me a personal comment..thats what im looking for...spam or chain letters will be deleted..sorry!They're annoying! KK Thanx to all you blog readers:P...and have a GREAT DAY!!!OH ya you can rate my blogs also..they took a little bit of my time and energy so:) ya 'CIAO' Myst®
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