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TwinklingStar Laydee's blog: "Just Some Thoughts"

created on 05/18/2011  |  http://fubar.com/just-some-thoughts/b341156  |  6 followers

What have I done wrong,

why so much pain for so long.

Answer the questions I plea,

feels like there is no place for me.

If I happen to die tomorrow,

all would be the same but so...


Nobody cares what it to be,

for peace, love, or even me.

I won't force others to hear,

whats the sence, they aren't near.

My life isn't happy although,

no one notices then does nothing so...


I can't write that which is untrue,

what is written will have to do.

These dreams by fact are some of mine,

still trying to run to cross everybody else's line.

Stop trying that is what I'll do today,

live life to please myself, that is all I have to say.

It was all true and even real,

but it was a mistake, who can feel??

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