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"Cernus smiled. 'Our Physicians ascertained,' said he, 'that she is only a Red Silk Girl.' 'I scarcely supposed,' said I, 'that you would permit a White Silk girl to go alone on the streets of Ar.' Cernus chuckled. 'Indeed not,' he said. 'The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces.'" Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 45 "The meal was served by slave girls in white tunics, each wearing a white-enameled collar. These would be girls in training, some of them perhaps White Silk Girls, being accustomed to the routines and techniques of serving table." Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 88 "One of them carried a large pitcher of the diluted Ka-la-na wine and stepped behind us, climbing the two steps to the broad wooden dais on which our tables were set. She bent over my left shoulder woodenly, her body stiff. 'Wine, Master?' she asked. 'She-sleen,' hissed Ho-Tu. 'How is it that you first serve wine to a strange man at the table of your master?' 'Forgive Lana,' said she, tears springing to her eyes. 'You belong in the iron pens,' said Ho-Tu. 'He frightens me,' she wept. 'He is of the black caste.' 'Serve him wine,' said he, 'or you will be stripped and thrown into a pen of male slaves.' The girl turned and withdrew, then approached again, climbing the stairs, delicately, as though timidly, head down. Then she leaned forward, bending her knees slightly, her body graceful, and spoke, her voice a whisper in my ear, an invitation, 'Wine, Master?' as though offering not wine, but herself. In a large house, with various slave girls, it is thought only an act of courtesy on the part of a host to permit a guest the use of one of the girls for the evening. Each of the girls considered eligible for this service, at one time or another during the evening, will approach the guest and offer him wine. His choice is indicated by the one from whom he accepts wine. I looked at the girl. Her eyes met mine, softly. Her lips were slightly parted. 'Wine, Master?' she asked. 'Yes,' I said, 'I will have wine.' She poured the diluted wine into my cup, bowed her head and with a shy smile, backed gracefully down the stairs behind me, then turned and hurried away. 'Of course,' said Ho-Tu, 'you may not have her tonight, for she is White Silk.' 'I understand,' I said." Book 5, Assassin of Gor, pages 88 - 89 "....I passed several chained slave girls kneeling on a stone tier. They were doubtless girls in training, and reasonably well advanced in training. They had been brought to see the races, that they might be pleased and stimulated, that they might return to their training refreshed and recreated. They were clearly enjoying themselves, and some were making bets, the stakes being pleasure beads from the contents of the jewelry and cosmetic box allotted to each, usually kept in her cell. They were fastened together wrist to wrist by slave bracelets. At each end of the line there was a guard. The slaves wore light, hooded cloaks, the length of which, when they stood, would fall slightly above the hem of their brief slave livery. The garments had rather large sleeves and fastened with a cord under the chin. It protected them from the sun to some extent but even more from the glances of the curious. Some of the girls, judging by the stripes on the hoods and cloaks were White Silk, and others Red Silk. The White Silk Girls, of course, having been released from the house, would have been placed in locked, iron belts." Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 147 "Sura turned to Ho-To. 'The Tuchuk girl,' she said, 'keeps quarters with the Assassin. I do not object. Take the others to cells of Red Silk.' 'They are White Silk,' said Ho-To. Sura laughed. 'Very well,' she said, to cells of White Silk. Feed them well.' " Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 154 "I pressed against the bars putting my hands through, trying to touch him. He came back to the bars and took my hands, holding me against the bars. 'When will you use me?' I asked. 'You are white silk,' he had said, and turned away. I had moaned, leaning against the bars, lonely. I was filled with strange sensations. The three moons were bright in the sky. I shook the bars, but I was locked within. I saw him disappear in the darkness, toward the wagons. I held the bars, and pressed my cheek against them, and wept." Book 7, Captive of Gor, pages 106 - 107 " 'But,' had said Ute, 'if a man seizes you, you are not to yield yourself to him, for you are white silk.' A flash of irritation passed through me. 'I am charged with the protection of my market value?' I asked, ironically. 'Yes,' said Ute, matter-of-factly. 'Though I, if I were a man, would pay more for a red-silk girl.' 'I must do nothing,' I said, 'to diminish the investment of Rask of Treve?' 'That is correct,' said Ute. 'What if I am simply seized, and my attacker is not prepared to listen to reason?' I asked. Ute laughted. It was the first time I had seen her laugh in the camp. I was pleased I had made her laugh. 'Cry out,' said Ute, 'and the others will take you from him and get him a red-silk girl.' 'All right,' I had said." Book 7, Captive of Gor, pages 306 - 307 " 'And here,' said Ute, 'lest the ardor of the men become too strong, this!' The girls laughted. She took a white, silken ribbon and wrapped it five times about the collar, not tying it. I had been marked white silk. Inge and Rena laughted. 'Do not laugh,' smiled Ute, 'for you, too, will be so marked, lest Raf and Pron, huntsmen of Treve, in a careless moment, devour my two other white-silk pretties.'" Book 7, Captive of Gor, page 323 "He turned my head from side to side, looking at the earrings. He was drunk, and I could tell that he was aroused. 'More wine,' he said. I again filled the cup. 'Your ears are pierced,' he said, shaking his head, trying to clear his vision. 'If it please Master,' I whispered. 'If it please Master.' 'Wine!' cried another man. I tried to rise. ..... The man whom I had served wine reached clumsily for me. 'I am white silk!' I cried, shrinking back. 'Wine!' cried the other man. I tried to rise, but the man's hand was knotted in the silk. If I moved I would strip myself. Another girl, on her knees, reaching for him, holding his head, insinuated herself between us. 'I am red silk,' she murmured. 'Touch me! Touch me!' His hands left my silk and I darted away." Book 7, Captive of Gor, pages 324 - 325 "She trembled. I kissed her upon the lips. Her body, that of a white-silk girl, fresh to the collar, was terribly frightened." Book 8, Hunters of Gor, page 95 " 'I am a virgin,' she said. 'You are white-silk,' I said. 'Please do not use that vulgar expression of me,' she begged. 'Do not fear,' I said, 'it will soon be inappropriate.' " Book 12, Beasts of Gor, page 120 " 'You are a pretty slave, Evelyn,' I said. 'Thank you Master,' she said. 'Are you White Silk?' I asked. 'I am virgin,' she said. 'Then you are White Silk,' I said." Book 13, Explorers of Gor, page 172 " 'Tela, when captured,' he said, indicating a blonde, 'begged to be kept in white silk.' He laughed. 'After throwing her to a crew, for their pleasure, we put her, as she had asked, in white silk.' 'Amusing,' I said. 'She now often begs for red silk,' he said." Book 15, Rogue of Gor, page 197 " 'To be sure,' I said, ' "white" in the context of "white-silk girl" tends less to suggest purity and innocence to the Gorean than ignorance, naivety, and a lack of experience. One expects a red-silk girl, for example, to not only be able to find her way about the furs, but, subject to the whip, owned and dominated, perhaps chained, to prove herself a sensuous treasure within them." Book 17, Savages of Gor, page 205 "Similarly, the expression 'red-silk,' in Gorean, tends to be used as a category in slaving, and also, outside of the slaving context, as an expression in vulgar discourse, indicating that the woman is no longer a virgin, or, as the Goreans say, at least vulgarly of slaves, that her body has been opened by men. Its contrasting term is 'white-silk,' usually used of slaves who are still virgins, or, equivalently, slaves whose bodies have not yet been opened by men. Needless to say, slaves seldom spend a great deal of time in the 'white-silk' category. It is common not to dally in initiating a slave into the realities of her condition." Book 18, Blood Brothers of Gor, page 472 "We were all naked. It was easier to tell, however, which of us were virgins, for the virgins, like myself, wore the 'iron belt.' Its horizontal position, like an iron oval, would close about my waist, and the vertical position, like a 'U', hinged in front to the horizontal position, flattened, shaped and slotted at its center, would swing up between my legs and there its flattened, laterally slotted end, like a hasp, would be placed over the staple on the left side of the oval ring, the right side, already over this staple, secured there, behind my back, with a heavy, dangling padlock. There was little danger I would be penetrated while wearing this device." Book 22, Dancer of Gor, pages 64 - 65 "The buyers were also informed that I was 'glana' or a virgin. The correlated term is 'metaglana,' used to designate the state to which the glana state looks forward, or that which it is regarded as anticipating. Though the word was not used of me I was also 'profalarina', which term term designates the state preceding, and anticipating, that of 'falarina', the state Goreans seem to think of as that of being a full woman, or, at least, as those of Earth might think of it, one who certainly is no longer a virgin. In both terms, 'glana' and 'profalarina,' incidentally, it seems that the states they designate are regarded as immature or transitory, state to be succeeded by more fully developed, superior states, those of 'metaglana' or 'falarina'. Among slaves, not free women, these things are sometimes spoken of along the lines as to whether or not the girl as been 'opened' for the uses of men. Other common terms, used generally of slaves, are 'white silk' and 'red silk', for girls who have not yet been opened, or have been opened, for the uses of men, respectively." Book 22, Dancer of Gor, page 128 "Then I felt him remove the white-silk ribbon from my collar. In a moment he had fastened something else there, in its place, doubtless another ribbon, doubtless the red-silk ribbon which had been given to him earlier by Mirus. He jerked it down on the collar, snugly." Book 22, Dancer of Gor, page 209
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