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i just got sick of the internet all together, and haven't really been getting on a whole hell of a lot. anyway, what's been going on? let's see.... me and pookie hooked up with a girl we were supposed to get with years ago, and that went horrible. needless to say, she got "fired" and now it's just back to me and pookie again. i guess we're still open to a 3rd in the future, but are we ever gonna be picky now. hmmm. what else? oh yeah, we resurrected the old Pigfucker Records label as the new Creepy Guy Records. we're mainly dealing in music of the extreme variety ( black metal, punk - as in REAL punk, and powerviolence.). none of that pussy ass MTV-friendly shit on our label...lol. we should have a few CDs dropping this year, and should also have a full blown record store up and running when we move to Seattle later in the year. more on that soon, i'm sure. other than that, not a whole lot new. thanx to all the ppl who didn't delete my sorry ass and continued to leave me comments and shit. i did notice, and will get back to you ASAP. ttyALLl ~juan
my car's still dead, i'm pretty much broke til Thursday, and to top it all off, i got one more day of work tomorrow. on the bright side i do have Halloween night off. maybe i'll get lucky and one of the few channels i get will show some old cheezmo horror flix. then again, they'll probably go full into X-mas mode, seeing as fucking trees went up in stores back at the end of September, and i'll end up with an all night Miracle On 34th Street marathon. WTF!? so, seeing as my Halloween is pretty much a bust, anyone doing anything for Dia De Los Muertos??? you know that weird X-mas/Halloween thing that Pookie's ppl celebrate at the beginnig of November...lol. c'mon! work with me here! i don't get paid til thursday. remember? yep. that's what i'm gonna do. cash my check on Thursday, grab some Dos Equis and Dos Gusanos, and wait for the Mexican equivalent to the Great Pumpkin to come give my drunk ass some presents...lmao! oooh, i'll have to ask Pookie if Dia De Los Muertos's Great Pumpkin wears a Luchiador mask. that would be too fucking rad! you know the more i think about it, maybe i'll just start celebrating this every year instead. anyway... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
what a shitty fucking weekend!!! my car decided to fuck up on me thursday morning, and i was just able to get someone down here to help me work on it today. i have no tools anymore, thanx to former roommates who couldn't keep their pilfering goddamn hands to theirselves. so, knowing a kickass mechanic, with basically any tool i could ever need, kicks total ass. sadly, my ride still aint running. but on the bright side, we didn't have to drop a half-full gas tank out to change a fuel filter. we did, however, run out of daylight. so, i'm gonna have to wait until tomorrow, cross my fingers, and just hope it comes down to the smaller, and easier to fix, problem i wish i would of figured out earlier. ergh! ghetto fucking saturday night! woo-hoo! fun! oh well, atleast i still got a way into work if it comes down to it. so, yeah, i guess i'll be creeping around on here again tonight, hoping i can find ANYONE to shoot the shit with. any of you ladies got a cam? wanna cyber? LOL! just kidding. couldn't resist that one. besides, i'm sure you hear it atleast once a day, from 35-year-old chronic masturbating fat dudes who live in their mother's basement. i know Miss Pookie does. go ahead and laugh Lillian Nicole...you know ya wanna! lol. anyway, someone hit me up. i'm bored. hell, if you're that bored too, go fill out my "shits and giggles" app (last blog...i think. might have been 2 blogs ago.) for shits and giggles. enough of you have looked at the damn thing already...lmao! besides, i could use something amusing to read. it's been a bad last few days :(
Ok so there's this thing where you post 6 random or weird facts about yourself and then tag 6 of your friends and pass it on. Thanks to you know who for deciding to send it to me out of many other friend choices :) So without further adue, here it goes. (i stole the paragraph above from Mistress Melanie, because i was too damn lazy to come up with anything on my own.) 1. i'm a filthy media pirate...lol! be it movies, music (unless it's from a fellow punk in the DIY scene)...hell even my manga obsession...i aint paying shit if i can help it. "refusal to pay is the only real freedom of choice." and "money can't buy happiness. steal it!" - frank discussion, the feederz 2. i have an extra ankle bone on my left foot. 3. i SERIOUSLY do worship Guitar Wolf, and even have a small shrine built around a rare GW 7 inch. 4. i'm terrified of baby seals. they're too damn cute to be anything but pure malignant evil. 5. the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the only movie that's ever made me cry. i'm not even joking a little bit on this one. it's just that damn good of a flick. 1970's low-budget filmmaking at it's finest. besides, all Leatherface wanted was some ppl chili...lol. 6. me and pookie moved back to Dayton because of Jim Van Bebber's movies. after watching the Manson Family, Deadbeat At Dawn, and My Sweet Satan, we just had to move back to this shithole...lol. alrighty then. if you read this blog consider yourself "tagged" mwahaha! so, get to posting all of those freaky things about yourself in your own damn blog.
so, anyone's that actually bothered to read mine or pookie's profile is probably aware we're looking for a 3rd. a few months ago i started talking to a person who claimed they were down for it but, wanted me to send her an application. weird, i know, but believe me, we've had stranger requests. needless to say, i never got a reply. however, i thought it was kinda humorous, shared it with a few friends, and figured what the hell...i'd post it up here for shits and giggles. enjoy, and who knows? maybe one of you will actually want the "job" lol full name: last____________ first____________ M.I.______ email address:___________________________________ phone number (optional):______ - ______ - __________ position applying for: full-time submissive___ full-time switch___ other (please explain)___ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Q & A portion are you: 1. willing to relocate? Y___ N___ 2. willing and able to be in a longterm F/M/F relationship W/O fucking around on us (aka cheating) ? Y___ N___ 3. opposed to traveling the 50 states, and parts of Canada, while residing in a large RV someday? Y___ N___ 4. willing to use condoms until all parties involved feel comfortable enough to go "bareback"? Y___ N___ into: (check all that apply) 1. oral___ 2. anal___ 3. assplay, asslicking, etc.___ 4. BDSM/S&M___ 5. toys, including the BDSM/S&M type (whips, shackles, etc.)___ 6. rubber/vinyl/latex fetish gear/clothing___ 7. facials, or any other "body shot"___ 8. hairpulling___ 9. asphyxiation___ 10. biting___ 11. spanking___ please list any other fetishes, interests, skills, or experience that you feel will best qualify you for the job:__________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ I, _____________________, state that all the information presented above is 100% true. by signing below, i agree to enter into a F/M/F relationship with Juan and Pookie for an indefinite ammount of time; or until "employment" is no longer desired by any parties involved. sign:________________________________________ date:____ / ____ / 20____
apparently i'm almost totally blind in my left eye now. between a blunt force head trauma from a couple of years ago (looong story not worth going over for the 1000th time, and that half of you probably know already anyway.), and having a pitbull lock onto it when i was 4-years-old, it has decided to quit working for shit. now i've seen (LOL!) this coming for quite some time. probably since i was about 7 and the eye doctor told my parents "his left eye's fucking everything up for the right one, and he can't see a foot in front of his face." ok, so he didn't use those exact words but, you get the point. anyway, what i'm trying to say is, i'm not gonna whine like some emo kid. instead, i'm gonna ask... new glasses, that'll probably have a lens the thickness of a fucking 2X4??? or... just sport an eye patch all old school pirate style??? i'm actually crossing my fingers and hoping it turns all white and dead looking. that would just look cool as fuck. then i'll just say sod off to the patch and the 2X4 lens, and walk around giving motherfuckers the "evil eye" and shit...lol!
those motherfuckers at the phone company left me and pookie hanging for 10 days! WTF?! i've called, sent them an email before the final move, and everything else imaginable just to get my damn phone switched over. oh well, i guess it's all straightened out now. things are going a LOT better with the new place too. the bug problem is under control for the most part. oh yeah, and the job i've been working bought my contract out early from the temp service, and i just got hired on full-time with a big ass raise to boot. fucking sweet! anyway, now that you know i'm back online, hit me up or something. i'm bored shitless.
see ya on wednesday or thursday. ergh! i ended up back here at the old apt one more day. figured what the hell, and just hooked the computer back up. the phone company dropped the ball too, so my phone/net is gonna be getting turned back on later than planned. so, yeah...see ya on wednesday or thursday...lol. other than that, the new place kicks ass. well, except for the fact the previous residents were total nastyasses! we're having to scrub a few things down, that the cleaning crew missed (!?), before we can get things situated. oh, and someone's gonna have to come in and spary for bugs before it turns into Starship Troopers over there. aint moving just fucking great?
me and pookie are about to move the last of our shit out into the new place. so, our internet will be down until monday. maybe tuesday, but i'm really thinking monday. i may hop back on for a little bit tonight before i move this computer over, but odds are i'll be too busy doing what every couple does when they get a new place....having sex in every damn room of the house. lol! ok, so i'll really be unpacking and getting things situated. anyway, keep the messages and comments coming in the meantime, and i'll get back with you ASAP.
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