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There is Love!
by Maggy Erotokritou


Where there is light, there is LOVE. LOVE is like a candle in the darkness that lights your way. LOVE is the healing balm that comforts the heart, soothes the soul and frees the spirit to fly beyond unimaginable horizons. LOVE makes everything endurable. LOVE is the only real power and it can heal all suffering and transform any situation. LOVE has never ending patience, LOVE is always the answer...

When the heart is heavy or troubled, it is because you have forgotten and disconnected from LOVE. To be in the light, is to be in LOVE, to always be aligned with LOVE brings great joy. Open yourself up to the light of LOVE, listen with your heart and let your heart speak. Open every chamber of the heart, even those that have been closed for a long time. Clear all barriers to LOVE and remember that you came here to experience LOVE, to give LOVE, to understand LOVE and to fall in LOVE with life...

LOVE is universal and it is not to be reserved just for a few people who are dear and close to you. LOVE is such a powerful, transformative force that it does not want to be restricted in any way. LOVE asks you to stay open and to allow it to flow freely through you. Let LOVE be free to inspire and elevate your every thought, word and action...

Look through the eyes of LOVE and your whole world will be transformed, you will see everything differently, as if you have been reborn. When you discover what it means to LOVE, life becomes so beautiful, spontaneity blooms at every instant and you tread a path that is filled with splendour and countless manifestations..

LOVE gives nothing but itself and asks nothing in return, it simply is. When you come to know LOVE, then you know who you are... Contemplate on LOVE and meditate on LOVE, this is the greatest work you can do, both for yourself and for the world!

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