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Per's blog: "Yeah.."

created on 01/19/2009  |  http://fubar.com/yeah/b272697  |  8 followers
Anyway, I'm having a slight problem with my laptop..yet again. So, since he's not on and I don't know how to fix it myself...maybe one of you can, lol. Over the weekend my laptop has stopped reading my memory card to my camera. I stick it in the slot in the front and it doesn't read it. Every once in a while it will show that it's in there, but when I click on the icon, it says "please insert.....". So I'm not understanding what's going on. Up until Friday it was working. Then it just stopped on Saturday. I went to Dell.com and looked at drivers and all that for my laptop, but I didn't see anything. If it helps, which I'm sure it will, I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. HELP ME!!!!!!!
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