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well i'm having nice days latelly... yes i'm being ironic about it but i wont give up! that's the only thing i'll say... not the best in the personal life, nor in my job in the bank (too many issues that doesn't worth it to start telling each one of the bad things that are going on either). but don't missunderstand me: i love this job, and i love working in IT security that's something i always wanted to do, and happilly came here before i graduated (working almost a year and a half here), what i don't like is the burocracy needed like in all the places part of the state, and of course some cases that makes me say "can't believe this is happening", and no, i'm not so surprised, because in privat companies that's more usual, but here?? mmmmmm... (demostrated law: the more ignorant you are, the fastest and easy you are promoted and go up positions... second demostrated law: sexual favours have the same effect to earn what is mentioned in the first law). and i'm proud to say i don't fall into this 2 laws... i'm right here now! most of the time of course :) just giving time to the classes i'm going mondays and tuesdays too (yep, i'm feeling happy for taking this classes) :P .Net ♥ Java ♥ AJAX :P i subscribed to the "programmers club" years ago, and i decided now to go take a few classes there (they make short/medium courses, conferences etc) about all programming and things related to IT one of the reasons are that the teacher giving them is someone that could be considerated "famous" here in argentina (actually you can mention his name to any related to this career and 90% of them will know who's him :) ) this is his personal site http://www.ajlopez.net/en and for the ones that wants to see what's the programmer's club... well it's in spanish lol http://www.clubdeprogramadores.com/index.php very interesting huh? lol yeah i'm sooo nerd haha hugs :-* and kiss

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