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Well this is the last day of my long vacation and yet I am so sad to go home. But hey I have to eventually ...vacations cant last forever. Well I will be headed back home in the morning and will be busy getting back to the normal side of my life. Oh well! Of course you may not hear from me till sometime next week. So remember me till I get back and I will get back to you all real soon.....
Ok well of course as of my last message...I had some very serious issues(family related) going on so had to make some very serious changes.Not that I wanted to but hey sometimes you do what you have to. But hey they were for the best. I am not as stressed out and have access to more than I did where I was living. Oh well hey as I always say Life Happens and it also goes on. Well more changes to arise but all for the best. So its all going up from here. Well I will soon be back online all the time and then you will of course see me all the time again....Well loves to you all and for one especially you know who you are.....I miss you Becca(aka R4v3Ns)
Ok if you are wondering why you havent seen me on lately when you are so used to seeing me online it would be due to I have something going on and trying to get back to life as I know it. I will be back online as usual once again and life will be normal again. Anyways loves to you all and will see you again soon. Yea just had to come by whataburger so I could get on here..but talk soon....bye all see you soon
OK yes this weekend May 2nd and 3rd you will find me in Jackson,MS at the Miller Lite Crawfish Boil. So if you are in the area or just feel like driving come find me there and say hi...If you wanna know who is playing check out the site at www.millerlitecrawfishboil.com.... Here's just some of who will be there Good Charlotte 3 Doors Down RED T Pain Candlebox Finger Eleven ok now I have your attention...lol Just check out the site you may like what you see. This will my first year going so I know I have something to look forward to.
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