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laydeekilluhh's blog: "FUCK IT!"

created on 11/13/2008  |  http://fubar.com/fuck-it/b259138
monday morning....i can already tell its going to be a fucked up day. work schedule 6am-3pm...got to work at 630 am. so yah i was a little pissed about being late.. then i got in trouble for having my phone out and I was FUCKING furious. well then I spent most of my fucking lunch break on hold with my gay ass insurance company. Trying to figure out when my bill was due. Then, I had a message on myspace from my lame ass exboyfriend Nick, who fucked me over hardcore..I'm not TALKING to you douche bag!!! grrrr then to top it ALL off...im sick... GOD DAMN!!!!!!! grrrrrr.....i need a cigarette and my stupid break is not until 12:30. Im fucking pissed off today... I wanna get fucked up and pass out... thats what I wanna do tonight..
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