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Intertwined like two Coi upon a satin pond

In invincible safety, infinitely one.

A spirit, an angel, a Goddess, a God

Enveloped in a thousand year moment.

She leans in, brandishing purity upon Her lips,

Beaming connection from Her perception.

Truth, acceptance, wisdom...

I breathe, I smell, I taste.

Rose pedal lips embrace my being, igniting soulfire

....and yet, I close my eyes and forget. 

And in an instant, we never existed.




I wrote this after having a perplexing dream while dealing with finding my mother.  I was in a bedroom, with a stunnning red headed angel.  Stunning not because of her beauty, but becasue of her aura, her energy.  She exuded absolute positivity, compassion, confidence, joy.....it was truly mesmerizing, especially becasue I could feel her bringing this out of me as well.  While in a absolute peaceful embrace, she leans in to kiss me.  Brandishing this wonderful energy, I pull her close.....

This is where it gets weird.  As we kiss, I suddenly feel immobilized.  That feeling you get in other dreams where you're running as fast as you can from some unseen entity, and yet no matter how much you claw the ground, you can't move fast enough.  It was like that.  I was paralyzed.  I could feel her kissing me, and I tried and tried despeerately to kiss back, yet my lips felt like a handful of numb thumbs.  And for the record, I am a great kisser, so this was all the more alarming!

Well, I've been tossing the dream around, and have gotten a few perspectives.  One is that I'm going through a phase of self acceptance, and through my family soap operaish history, I have to get over blaming myself and remember that I am worth every ounce of success I manifest.  In this theory, the girl represents maybe a spirit guide, or a shade of my Higher Self, for she truly exuded all the positive, wise, strong, compassionate traits that I idealize.

At least I'm not alone, no matter how dark it feels.  I have a great littly city of support nets I call friends.

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