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Petrol price hit the clounds once again. But we still depend on it to have our cars running and our lights shinning. We still wait for alternative energy and renewable source of energy. I guess our politician will make us wait until they run out of the damn black gold before they let us use them.
Having champagne is amazing, specially if you have a good company to share it. My nanny told me once women are like champagne. You might want a sweet one but once you try an extra-brut you won't get back to sweet. Hope i meet an extrabrut soon ;)
There are several good reasons to keep from them: 1. you don't like they eat your blood 2. they tend to be promiscuos. 3. once they got you never know how to get rid of them. fleas, on the other hand, are tiny bugs which leave bites all over your body. :)
How's working to recue us? All this years they've been getting money from us. As any enterprise the had to run a risk. Now governmment saving them. Is It just a matter of size or quantity? If you kill a single people you're a murder. If you kill several hundreds you're a hero! :)
Sins are forbidden. That's not news. News are that half of them are forbidden by religion. The other half is forbidden by money :) Always try to do your best. Even to those who you thinks they don't deserve it.
We were talking about Lemans Brothers and the black monday. As the chief heard us, he came to us saying: Leman's that's a real good racing..... He had no idea what the hell is running down his feet!
Ants and fleas seem to be the same. But they feel quite different when they catch you. ;) Don't forget to bring your dog with you if you wanna have a good picnic day. Fleas will take care of it. Just don't care about ants. They'll be there for sure :) This is metaphore applies for your relatives and selfcalled friends as well. :) Just do the party thing and they'll take care of it... Have a good day!
Hi guys! As my old man used to say: "when one's a hammer he sees nails everywhere". I didn't understand him until a grew up. He was right. I bought a new hammer and i see nails everywere!
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