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In a forest among some great magnificant trees. Trees that if were buildings, would have created a great city  of skyscrapers. 

And among these trees there was an ordinary tree, absolutely nothing special about it.  In fact walking  through this forest you would probably wouldn't even have noticed this tree.

This tree among the other large magnificant trees.

On this day a storm came tearing through the area. The wind was blowing hard, making the trees sway back  and forth.

After time the gusts became stronger and longer.  The larger more magnificant trees moved little with the  wind, but did not flex much.

The ordinary tree moved with the wind , it worked as a gage to tell how hard the wind was blowing.

With the wind, the rain came and with the rain came mud and in turn came puddles.  

Soon the puddles came together to form small lakes.  The storm became unmerciful the way the wind would pound the rain on everything.

As every minute passed the wind grew stronger.  Hitting the the trees with even greater force.

Now the larger trees still trying to stand their ground began to weaken. There limbs began to crack and  break and would fall to the ground with force.

Some of the trees began to break in half and would come crashing down with an extrordinary death.

Others were slowly inching their way to the ground, as their roots began to loosen from the ground.  Every  gust of wind moved it closer to the ground until it finally layed down without a noise, quietly they  seemed  to merge with the ground. 

However, the ordinary tree would bend to the wind no matter how hard it blew.  Even when the other trees  started to fall and their limbs would hit the smaller tree on the way down, the smaller tree still stood  unharmed.

It would bend it's limbs and flex with the wind.  At times it would bend so far that the limbs would touch  the ground, but it would always spring back upand stand proud.

This seemed to anger the storm, for the wind began to grow stronger, thunder began to grumble louder and  now the sky began to light up.

But with great surprise the tree would bend with the wind and and at time would even seem to lay down  on the ground, but the minute the wind let up the tree would rise begin to rise up again.

Then with one great strike the storm seemed to strike it's final blow. With a rumble of anger and a flash that  struck with the force of a thousand men.  a tree next to it came crashing down, on top of the ordinary tree.

Just when the storm thought it had won, it blew a victory gust of wind and with that, the tree bent with it  and the fallen tree rolled to the ground.

And with that the ordinary tree regained it's positionstanding upright and proud.

It just goes to show being strong isn't an appearance, it's about preserveriance.  Being resiliant in the time of  turbulence.

To flex and bend without breaking, to know that even though you look or feel down that you can still get  back up.

No matter how great the force there is always a way to get back up and continue.

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