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$$$ MAKE $$$ BY SELLING JDPremium Products!!! (Formerly Jerky Direct) We ARE Still Jerky,, But We Are Not JUST Jerky AnyMore!! (C) http://JerkyHill.com http://JDRadiance.com Earn $$$ On a Monthly Basis for each bag of jerky or Toxic Free Radiance product that is ordered from YOUR own Website. Team Work,,,Just Works!! View JerkyHill's entire team build at: http://community.adlandpro.com/go/268579/myWebPage.aspx We are commited to YOUR Success! Work with a Team that works for ALL Involved and are here for the Long Run!! JD Premium Products, Jerky Direct, is a company developed by a team of Professionals that have YEARS of Experience with both the meat snack industry and direct sales marketing. The founder of JD Premium Products was also the Founder of King B Jerky and a founder of Melaleuca. Both of these businesses have turned into Multi-Million Dollar Companies. With JD Premium Products, You have the opportunity to not only get Premium Quality, All Natural jerky and Quality Natural Products delivered to your door, But you are also given the Tools to develop your own web-based Home Business. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy our Quality products and reap the rewards of how it sells itself. THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF!!! *NO Hormones***NO Antibiotics* Unlike most jerky in the marketplace, Jerky Direct Natural Jerky is made from Beef, Buffalo, and Turkey that have never received artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, and most products contain NO Preservatives. Not only does our products Taste GOOD, But They are GOOD For you!! THE TOXIC FREE PRODUCTS!! *Toxic Free Skin Care and Healthy Supplements* This is a 27 Billion dollar industry. Toxic free Skin care Products and Omega Krill Oil natural Supplements. These are New products just added to this amazing opportunity. In the very first month of the radiance line being added,, Most of our members Doubled their income by joining our second Team in JDRadiance.com By adding "Enhanced" commissions, We are now generating additional income and additional sales commissions too!! The same principals apply as to our amazing Team Building. In less than one month,, The JDRadiance Team is already building its 3rd level of Members. THEY LIKE US!!!! *We are GROWING at a rate at which OTHER Sales Companies can ONLY DREAM* Customers have decided that they Love JD Premium Products ( Jerky Direct ) We are growing Rapidly. Jerky Direct averages a HUGE number of hits each month and our customer retention is Excellent, at a rate at which other direct sales companies can only dream!! Our Jerky Snacks have received great reviews with customers raving about our fresh, soft products. Just One taste and You will agree. Ask us for a sample of our Great tasting jerky snack. OUR TEAM WORK!!! *We Have A DEDICATED Team. ALL Of Us Are Working,, Filling OTHERS Like YOU!!* When you Join Our Team in Jerky Direct, You not only receive ALL the above, But you receive a unique way that we are building this business. We Are The very FIRST "LIVE" Team build of Jerky Direct. We "Place" new members in YOUR Line to help Grow YOUR Business and in turn,, We will Teach YOU to do the same. This insures a Strong and Forever lasting Team in Your Business. A Business that will last Year after Year!!! Our Team has had the fastest Growth in Jerky Direct. We are a top 8 Producing Team and we aim to "Stay" this way. There are many members Forums to help with you getting started and unlike other Teams,,, We Are ALL Here to help YOU! We will teach YOU to do the same with YOUR Team. We are ALL Team Leaders. We are ALL Dedicated to earning a income from home and KEEPING It!! JOIN US TODAY!! We Guarantee your success. For Jerky Snacks and Healthy Supplements. http://JerkyHill.com For Toxic Free Radiance and Enhanced Commissions and a New Line of Household Products!! http://JDRadiance.com JOIN One line or Both!!! We are here to help,, No matter what!! Sharon Lee/Team Leader I am a Proud JD Premium Products Advisory Board Member. JOIN One line or Both!!! We are here to help,, No matter what!! Sharon Lee/Team Leader JerkyHill@Yahoo.com
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