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What would you do in this situation?
created @ 06/19/2009 07:57 am
mum expired. [EVERYONE]
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Many of you have seen my hall of shame this week. We ousted a fake that honestly one of the best I have ever seen. Salutes are kind of funny. I have seen some real shitty salutes, but I can tell its that person. Well, I call these people shape shifters. It's really annoying. So I am going to put this out to you and this is an honest question.

If you were approached by an admin who questioned your salute and identity and asked you to go on cam to prove who you are would you.

A: Get on cam and say FUCK you scrapper I am real.
B: Say fuck you scrapper I don't need to show you I am real.

Ok wait.......don't answer yet. I listened to every excuse she made and I created "The Golden Package."

I will mail you the following and all you have to do is get on cam for 3 minutes and wear the fubar shirt I am going to send you.

Golden Package
1. Brand New webcam
2. 300 dollars in HH's
3. 100 dollars cash from my own pocket to by her kids toys.
4. I offered to mail it to a mailbox like postal annex so she did not have to disclose her personal info
5. Complete anonymity. I will disclose who this person is.
6. If she does, I promised to apologized to 3 million people for ever doubting her and I would put her on my page.

She would not do it. What would you do? Personally, if anyone offered 500 bucks and fee webcam I might even strip down to my boxers...NOT I was blown away and asked to name her price. How much will cost me. Seriously though. What would you do? I realize it is kind of a pain but I am willing pay her for the hassel plus a free webcam and the best prize of them all. A free fubar shirt. All you have to do is, log in come online wearing the fubar shirt for three minutes. She would not do it no matter what. I am so confused here. Am I asking too much here? What would you do?
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