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what to do ???
created @ 08/10/2007 07:43 am
mum expired. [EVERYONE]
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Ok , this is perhaps the most upsetting mumm ever for me . I have to decide on my sheppard he is 10 years old and he has hip problems .I have had to keep him on medication for 2 years now and he seems to do great , The other day he slipped outside and he hurt hiself .I took him to the vet and they said due to his condition there is nothing they can do he is to old for surgery and would not do well they gave him some pain releif and steroids to help with the swelling but I can tell it isnt going to cure this it is a temporary fix . He seems to be ok one minute then not so good the next ,I have known it was only going to be some time before it would be a decision one way or another .He doesnt have problems eating or drinking or going outside .. I feel in my heart he will let me know when he has had enough. I beleive in the quality of what time I have with him is most important right now as He is truly my angel His name is Floyd and Floyd saved my life 7 years ago from a home invasion he attacked the invader and saved me from dying ..... I owe him to do what I can to make what time he has the BEST there is ....I wanted to share this as I am sure there are those that can relate to what I am saying or have also expieranced this in there life . This is not just my best friend but my world and to loose your world really sucks ..... I am however not one to let my angel suffer so say a prayer for him that he can let me know when it is time to give him to god .....
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