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created on 03/10/2010  |  http://fubar.com/what-to-do/b330216

i call this one end

this is the end for me

this is the end for us

this is the end of my life

i cant take the heartache

this is the end of everything

my life is nothing but hurt and sarrow

to the one that left me in this dark cold place

i will love u for ever till the worlds end

i cant take this pain i cant take this sarrow

so this is the end.......

good bye.........

 i call this one life

life as i know it is no longer

life as i want it is long gone

my life is turned upside down

my life as i knew it was so grand

my life as i want it cant be found

i sit and i cry as days go by

longing for my love to return

i cant take this pain that i feel anymore

its taring me down

my life as i need it is no more what shale i do

i cant take this heart ache i cant take this hurt

if love is so powerful then why do i feel sarrow

life is cruel love is just pain

what would u do if your guy or girl hardly talked to you or seen u and u loved this person with your whole heart and theres nothing u wouldnt do for this person.


i am a mother of 3 wonderful kids and they cant see there dad bc of some stuff that is going on, i feel like i am being not hard enough but yet ppl are telling me i am being to hard and that he will not go for it. i have it so he can see the kids every weekend till i start work then when i am at work and no weekends and we split the holidays but he has to write down if they got in trouble and if they got hurt or sick and stuff like that so my question to everyone is

should i change it to everyother weekend or leave it?

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