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What's wrong with me? Is there something in my teeth? Is there a zit on my face that is so incredibly huge and disgusting that you can't even bare to look me without almost throwing up or laughing or stare at me like you there is a riddle on my face that you are trying so desperately to figure out? Is there some physical attribute about myself that I need to fix so that I can be socially accepted? Do I need to be skinny and have long, stupid, unprofessional looking hair so that you will glance over at me and think that I may have a chance? Do I need to have more muscles? Do I have to flash a thick wallet in order for you to be attracted to me? I know that you don't look at me and say to yourself, "he looks like he has an awesome personality." What's wrong with me? Did I say something to upset you or freak you out? Did I send you too many roses? The chocolates... are they not your favorite? I should have got you a stuffed frog or a monkey. Not a stupid bear. Is my personality just not good enough? Is it because I'm too nice to you and you know that If we were together that I would treat you like a queen? Is it because I'm not abusive or that I don't treat you like shit? Is it because when we go out, I pay for everything? Is it becuase I make you feel good and you smile and laugh the whole time your with me? What did I do to deserve this type of personality? What's wrong with me? Is it because I have something going for me? Is it because I know what I want for myself as far as my career goes? Is it because I'm in college and that I'm earning a degree so that my family and I can have a wonderful, prosperous life? Why couldn't I still be a manager at McDonald's or just go to school for a heating and air degree? Why do I have to want to go to school to be a teacher? Why do I have to want to be a professional wrestler? Why do I have to put myself through physical pain almost every day so that I can acheive my goals? What's wrong with me? Is that just too much for you? Is it too much for you to be with somebody who wants to make sure that him and his family have a nice house and plump, good, hearty food on the table for them every night and day? Is it too much for you to have a nice, big, comfortable bed to sleep in? A house with enough bedrooms for ALL of our kids so that they don't have to share? Is it too much to have a big backyard for the kids to play in and a yardswing on the porch for us to sit and watch? Is it just way too much for you to have a husband that can and will care and provide for you and your kids in whatever way possible? What's wrong with me? Am I not what you want me to be?
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