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Damn yo ive just done nothing but flat out fuck up as of late, especially over the past month or so. Attacking people who havent done shit to me, yeah imma fucking jerk for it. Man my head has been more fucked then I even knew and im just not realizing it. IM SORRY, IM SORRY TO EVERYONE/ANYONE IVE WRONGFULLY ATTACKED AND HURT. I aint like a un named bitch from NJ here everyone knows well...I WILL FESS UP TO MY FUCK UPS AND WRONG DOING I REALLY AM SORRY AND IM PUBLICLY SAYING IT! I cant get into to much detail as I know some of you have heard me say the same shit so many times, But I ask you please give me 1 last chance IF YOU DECIDE TOO, IF NOT I RESPECT THAT AND GIVE YOU YOUR SPACE AND ALLOW YOU TO YOUR OWN OPINION OF ME. Im Sorry...Years of abuse will make people do and say some horrible things and I apoligize for allowing it to get the best of me and to take it out on you REALLY IM FUCKING DEAD HONEST IN SAYING THAT I AM SORRY FOR EVERYTHING. YOU CANT SEE MY TEARS OR FEEL MY HEART BEATING SO MAYBE U WILL CHOOSE TO THINK IM FULL OF SHIT BUT I HOPE YOU CAN GIVE A BI-POLAR NUT JOB WHO NEEDS MEDS OR MAYBE NEEDS TO DRINK POISEN? JUST 1 LAST CHANCE, PUT ME ON PROBATION LOL ITS COOL WITH ME, AND YES PLEASE GO ALL OUT AND LEAVE YOUR DEAD HONEST FEELINGS RIGHT HERE.
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