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Lewis's blog: "Stuff"

created on 11/19/2006  |  http://fubar.com/stuff/b26272  |  1 followers

This place finally seems to be completely losing the plot. Okay, facebook is popular. Okay, they've been trying to "discreetly" incorporate fb in to this place but this takes the cake I do believe. If it weren't for the few people here not on fb I wouldn't even bother with this place.


On a different note, I'm still here in the US. Recently got a place with Theresa. Jobs have been hard to come by though so hopefully the landlady doesn't throw us out like she wants to. I can't really officially work yet so that hasn't helped us.


Theresa now has a couple of jobs she should be able to keep now though so it's all on her convincing the landlady to let us stay, she seems reasonable enough so hopefully.


Anyways, that'll do for tonight, just thought it was about time I updated things on here, if anyone even reads it...

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