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created on 10/03/2008  |  http://fubar.com/freak-thoughts/b249944
I swear people just continue to amaze me. I've wrote about my one friend before. The one who started off this year looking like he had anything from 6 months to 2 years left to live thanks to cancer. But then surprisingly he beat it somehow...by some miracle! His wife has been...eh I'm trying to think of a nice way to put it...not very supportive, not very caring, emotionally cold, etc, etc. Even after he beat the cancer...he got a blood clot in his lung and had to get emergency surgery when the one thing they put into his chest as an IV got infected. Anytime we've gone any real length of time without talking...it's been because he was in the hospital. Last I heard from him was back in September. His birthday was coming up so I texted him once saying oh someone's birthday is coming up soon. Nothing. Normally I hear back within a day. The day of his birthday...sent a happy birthday text. Still nothing. I let like 2 weeks go by and just sent a hey text. Nothing. Another week went by...I sent a text saying hey I'm starting to get worried cause I haven't heard from you. STILL nothing. I let more time go by and just kept hoping for the best. Today I sent another text saying hey. Mind you it's been almost a month since my last text to him. I've heard NOTHING from him. Anytime that much time went by...something bad was going down for him. I've been fearing omg maybe he died and his buddy forgot to tell me. So I go on myspace and get a message from another of his buddies that I've talked to. "Oh he wanted me to tell you he's fine and to stop texting him. He's trying to work on things with his wife and he'll let you know when things are cool". Um...okay that's fine and dandy...but thanks a lot for making me worry for almost 2 MONTHS that something bad happened again. Thanks for not being able to take a minute to text back and go hey I'm fine, just working on the family life I'll get in touch with you soon. Something. Anything! It pisses me off because him and I have had a close friendship. We both truly trust each other and don't trust many people. For him to pull this is just screwed up. I responded back fine I won't text him anymore. I had just been worried since this entire year whenever I didn't hear from him...it was because of being in the hospital or sick. The only positive is I'm so tired today I can't even get the energy together to really feel strongly about this. I know I'm pissed and hurt by it.
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