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Well as most who actually read my blogs know, my Son finally came home from his Basic training and AIT last Tues. 6-30-09. Today, we ran around to get him checked in as he had to by tomorrow.
So we went to VA Beach and checked him in where he was going prior to leaving for Basic, then we had to go to Portsmouth and check him with his actual Unit. So, my Son comes back out and tells me he has drills this weekend, which is fine, he has to have them every month since he is after all in the reserves. But then he drops it on me. His Unit is scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan in February 2010. I don't know for how long. I am worried, it's 7 mos away. I'm not at panick mode yet, but I know as the time draws nearer I will be. Right now I guess I'll just put it out of my head as much as possible. The only comforting thing I guess is his field of specialty will keep him protected to a degree.

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