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All this shit rolling around in my head and in my heart and I cant seem to get it down on paper. the worst thing is that if I don't it will stay there until it drives me crazy if I don't get it out. I am Soooooooo Screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I should be writing, I know I should but I have all this crap going on right now that is creating this mondo mental block that I canít seem to get rid of. So I will just vent LOL. Iíve got all this crap up inside me but every time I try to put it down on paper it evaporates out of my mind. But when I am away from the computer or a pad of paper it flows through my head like a river, What the F**k is that all about. I love writing it is a great release of pent up emotion and frustration. So here I am rambling on about nothing because I am frustrated, sick and tiered of all this shitÖÖÖÖÖ
Life is draining and sometimes it feels as if it could pull out our very souls. All of us drifting here alone and searching for that which makes us complete. Gripping onto the past so tightly, never really understanding that it is our past the keeps us from being free to find peace. Holding our breath until we would burst into a million peaces never to be retrieved again. The fragility of life is what makes it so precious and should not be wasted on moments in the past but relished and savored for the fleeting gift that it is. We are all here just for a moment make your moment count! ~*~Peace & Blessings~*~ Freedom Child
As the sun rises upon the long awaited new day and the darkness subsides. I see the road before me no longer riddled with the decay of life, now free and clear. I breathe in the fresh clean air of the day, with all the fervency of life. I greet the new day that promises hope and change, free and alive. The road my be long and sometimes riddled with potholes but only when you step outside of your self do you truly live your life in full.
Come over and see what I see. Donít hold me here donít hold me down let me free before I die. I still love you I just need time. Can I breathe will you let me. How long will you wait will you ever really see me. What holds you is fear, I will not leave you. I just wonít to fly free, I will return to you. Give me my wings show me you understand what I have become. You have nothing to fear I have changes but yet I am still the same everything you love is still here. The passion the wild in me every time you look in my eyes I know you see it donít fear it, it will bring us freedom. Will I breath today, will my heart survive the night. Will you set me free to fly?
I'm so tiered of seeing what you see. I'm so tiered of being what you need me to be. I'm so tiered of whating on my dreams. I'm so tiered of you seeing right through me I'm so tiered of alway's being here for you. I'm so tiered of living in this house with you. I'm so tiered of feeling this way. I'm so tiered so please just go away.
Who knows what dreams will come, when all the world just disappears and all the once was wrong is set right again. the world may breath deep once more but It shall never be the same again. I open my eys to see the truth and only see you. Is it love that has crossed my path or is it just a fleeting moment ment to come and go...........
It does not feel as if I have anything anymore the weight of the world presses down upon me till I would die. No longer the person I wont to be and suffocating under the oppression of a life lived and yet not lived there are no wards to say how far I have come and how much farther I have yet to goÖ Walking down a path of thorns bleeding from inside out the tears no longer come. I canít believe how much you have done to me. But yet I long to be only yours. You gaze on me gives me chills your touch make me feel so alive. But your word destroys me inside. And I think I would die locked up in this beautiful cage if not set free to fly.
I wont to run away, be free from all the pain that surges through these veins. hopeless from yeas of fighting to be myself, crawling my way back up only to be knocked back down again. just once in my life i would like to have whats mine. your not my enemy so why do you treat me so. tears are not something I will let you drag out of me anymore. Ive grown strong and hard from the years of battle with you. and you are losing you hold on me now. can you feel your grip slipping as you clutch me tighter? I will not be your toy any more and you are not my master
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