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This is an insult and a kick in the butt to all of us... Get mad and pass it on - I don't know how, but maybe some good will come of this travesty. If the immigrant is over 65 they can apply for SSI and Medicaid and get more than my mom gets for Social Security, and she worked from 1944 till 2004, only getting $791 per month because she was born in 1924 and there is a "catch 22. It is interesting that the federal government provides a single refugee with a monthly allowance of $1,890.00 and each can also obtain an additional $580.00 in social assistance for a total of $2, 470.00/month. This compares very well to a single pensioner who after contributing to the growth and development of America for 40 to 50 years can only receive a monthly maximum of $1, 012.00 in old age pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement. Maybe our pensioners should apply as refugees! Consider sending this to all your American friends, so we can all be ticked off and maybe get the refugees cut back to $1, 012.00 and the pensioners up to $2, 470.00 and enjoy some of the money we were forced to submit to the Government over the last 40 or 50 or 60 years. Please forward to every American to expose what our elected politicians (Nancy P. included) have been doing over the past 11 years - to the over-taxed American. SEND THIS TO EVERY AMERICAN TAXPAYER YOU KNOW Julius A. Clinton Immigration Enforcement Agent Newark District Marlton Sub-Office Detention and Removal Operations U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement United States Department of Homeland Security
ever feel lost in your head at times to the point you feel like the world is spinning around you so fast you cant be live the time date or how fast the year has flown by? Well thats how i been feeling the past few months with life, so many things going on and around my life, this year just kinda flew right by me, i cant be live its already Nov. I mean its not a bad thing really since my b/f will be going to school in less then 3 months, but man im 26 already, hell i remember my 21 b day like it was yesterday, but also i have grown up a lot and changed for the good, 5 years from to day i was alone single,had moved back in with my mom and dad had a car payment, had no money saved, just started a new job i thought was to hard for me to handle, was still very depresed over my ex and well just pissed alot of my time and money away. But now im 26 been at my job almost over 5 years, i have a great man in my life that i so cant wait to get married to some day!! My car is paid off, my car insuince is no where near as high as it was be for, i slowed down on the drinking big time, i still smoke but then agin every one has a vice or two right? i just now finaly fill like im moveing forword in my life for once and not standing still waiting for something or someone to come and make me move or push me down where i have to get up and try agin. I so want kids and a home of our own some day, and well theres not much more i could really want, so i guess i have come along way in the past 5 years. Wow what a ride:)
Why has it come down to this smoking or non smoking? Its slowly coming to an end, our freedom that is, to enjoy a smoke and a drink in a bar. Well yes i understand not all drinkers are smokers and not all smokers are drinks, yeah its not fair to a person who likes going to a bar and does nto smoke have to inhale our smoke but its also not right to ban the whole damn bar off limits to smokers. We need a meduim in all this hell build a smoke room for the smokers, be alot better then loseing busnes to the smokers who cant smoke in there bars. Or hell even band none smokers you want a smoke free bar go to the none smoking bar and leave us smokers the hell alone please!!!!!!!! It is our choice to slowly kill our selfs so please stop bitching about secondhand smoke you don't like it go to a none smoking bar i know there are now plunty out there.
My boy friend and i been togther almost a year now and so far thigns are going awsome, we want to try for a baby some time next year after welding school, but im worryed his ex wife will come after him for more money on childsuport and if we end up haveign a child of our own and getting a house, where does this leave us, we want to get married as well. But with his ex wife being a greedy gold digger and with us wantign a child togther im not sure if we will be able to aford a child with him paying childsuport, i work and would keep working even after i have a kid but still, i dont want to have to pay for everythgin becasue he cant aford to help out. I dont know maybe im just over anlising all this but im scared i want a child badly but i dont want to be over whelmd eather.
It is so nice to have a day off from work, i been workign off and on 6 days a week for a few months now and my god i forget how much it takes out of you, to scramble all in one day to get everythgin you need done for the weekend so you dont have to do it after work. I enjoy working dont get me wrong but man some tiems i just dont thank money is worth it, how ever im not much for the money as i am a company girl but at serton times i do belive you have to stop at a serton point and know when enough is enough.
To day is 9/11 the mark of what happen 6 years ago and no one really even cares any more, its liek yeah we where there when the towers whent down to help out the neededy and the ones who lost there loved one's but where are we to day, why do we bitch moan and complain about all the little bull shit thigns in life instead of enjoying eacth day we are alive, we should be so lucky that eacth day we wake up its a gift from god that we are alive and can enjoy another day with our loved ones, or go to work yes i know work sucks but you know what id rather be working then poor on the streets starving and no where to go. I enjoy the feeling of being alive yeah i bitch and moan at life some tiems who dont, but i know when i need to stop and take a look at the wider pitcher in life and thats to just stop and enjoy it once in awhile. yes i do work alot but got to pay off the debt some how, but i also know when to slow down and take my time and not work my self to death. To the peopel who drink there life away, boy your missing out on a lot, the ones who do druges if you only knew what you where alowed to do if you could get off them. workign for a living is not a slave to life its a mear part of servile, But any who just feel better now that i got that off my chest.
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