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Icarus's blog: "I need a drink."

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/i-need-a-drink/b896
I dissapear. Like some unwanted. I was never here. I remember how I used to feel. What I could accomplish. The sky's the limit... till they limited the sky. Forever blue was never... never was never. And I'm not here. I never was. Just like you. We're here in nowhere. I feel it in your heart. Because its mine too. I've known it forever. Quiet... like time ticking on a watch in a dark room. Like grass whispering in my ear. The rolling hills of forever. Never. Nowhere. That's where we first met. In the timeless paradox of my nothing. Will you always be here... waiting for me to open my eyes. Will I ever? Will I ever wake from this dream they call real. Finally laying eyes on your quieting smile. Will it finally silence my chaos, when my fingers intertwine with yours... When I finally know you...outside of my nowhere. When I wake... when I dream... promise to be there. And we will have never forever. Everything in nothing. So long as we have each other.
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