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just becky's blog: "what happened"

created on 11/28/2006  |  http://fubar.com/what-happened/b29157
i fucked up and got caught....separated from hubby and no chance of getting back together....not gonna be able to be on CT as much.... will miss you all...if you have my email or yahoo....send me love every now and then... xoxo, Becky
someone who has been a friend an family member.... just verbally attacked me on yahoo because i would not break my rules (as posted in my profile)....it really hurt....am glad that so many of my friends and family members are real friends....taking me for what i am an not passing judgment for things that i do....i try so hard to be honest..... thanks for listening....
i musta made somebody REALLY upset.....8 flagged pics an four rated "2"
i just left my husband....talk to me....please


DAMN cherry has decided i am NSFW can you imagine that???....i post 2 pic an get 7 messages from them...should be what is good for one is good more all....thanks for listening!! xoxo.....becky
gonna start deleting pic and people since only a few have looked anyway...hugs and kisses you...who have taken the time!
i have been in a real funk lately....not me at all....so cleaned house in the family area....if ya want back in send me a message....send me some love... just becky
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