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Sunny's blog: "WHAT CHANGED?"

created on 03/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/what-changed/b196801  |  1 followers
Sometimes I wonder Why you want me here? You vent your anger out on me Behind closed doors where only I can see People think you are wonderful And thoughtful and kind If they only knew what you were inside The way you talk to me I really donít understand You talk to me like I am below you Has our love faded away? Is this who you really are? You say that I cause you to be this way For you to get mad and cuss me And push me down, out of your way When you get mad I think you just see red Do you know what you do and say? You say things when you are mad You know what you say makes me sad It doesnít bother you that I sit and cry All you say is go find another guy You say that you are the best for me No one else would want to put up with me I donít understand why you say the things you say And why you do what you do You always have an excuse for what made me fall It is always my own fault That is what you say If I had just stayed out of your way I never know what will make you mad One minute happy The next one sad This is not what I wanted in a marriage Thatís for sure I wanted to find love I guess what I think is love Is so twisted and warped Because I keep staying with you You say that if I had just kept my mouth shut This would not have happened That itís all my fault I should not have spoken Do you understand what it is like to live like this? To be scared of someone getting pissed? You are not the person that I once dated Who would hold me and promise me the world You knew I was in an abusive relationship before You said I would never have to worry about abuse anymore What about last night when you pushed me in the floor? It doesnít matter to you what you have always said or promised It was just words to you Stupid me, I thought you were being true You always say, you are better then the first I know it can get much worse But why should I have to live this way In fear of making you mad every day You need to look inside yourself and really see All the things you have done to me Do I really deserve to be pushed or hit? You think everything should go your way Or you will throw a hissy fit If I disagree with what you say Is that really a good reason to say the things you say? When you get mad Do you even realize the things you do? You leave me feeling sad and empty inside Your anger is what is tearing us apart I am tired of being hurt and being sad I am sick of you always being mad Why are you like this now? You didnít use to be Or maybe you were and I just didnít see You treat me like I was treated before Always an excuse, why I got hurt I didnít get out of your way I think its time you should take the blame It keeps happening over and over Its all still the same I donít understand your view on marriage and life I think you donít even want me as a wife I keep thinking things will get better Because I know we have our good times too But I canít keep doing what I am going through You shouldnít take your anger out on me I canít handle it anymore Donít you see? Iím tired of living this way I am happy no more My heart is just sore I am tired of going through this I know this is not how it is supposed to be So now I ask why Why do you always take your anger out on me? What happened to the words you spoke so long ago? I asked would you ever treat me like this And your answer was NO! What has changed between then and now? Kimberly/Sunny March 11, 2008
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