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Lewis's blog: "Dreams"

created on 06/01/2008  |  http://fubar.com/dreams/b220339

Don't remember this one perfectly, but I remember waking up and saying what the f*ck was that...out loud.


First up I remember I was walking around a high street, in my usual attire of shorts and t-shirt. This guy stops me, points out we're wearing the same style shorts and how nice they are.


Next thing I remember is being in a shop looking for another pair of these shorts, but end up mesmerized by this $200 pair of jeans (yes, I remember it being dollars). I'm trying to work out why the hell they cost that much.


Next on the agenda, I'm strolling around either in a park or by a river, a car pulls up, someone I know gets out (don't remember now who), and claims that loads of people are looking for me, thinking I'm suicidal and that I've taken drugs and been boozing, whilst I deny everything.


Last, but by far least, I'm in a house full of people, a roaring fire and we're all preparing a feast of...


wait for it



Snake and crocodile.


Now you know why I said what I did after waking up...

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