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Suga Lips's blog: "Weird Stuff"

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I don't know if linking a video in here will even work, but I'll try.


I watch court shows (whatever, shut up) and one of them is The People's Court. I watched this episode yesterday and found out today that my husband works with the plaintiff. :D He's a dumbass; thought I'd share.



Okay, since Missyfits isn't fubar support, I will be linking the video in the comments. :P




LMFAO @ Kid Rock telling people to drink responsibly in a bourbon commercial. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!




That is all.

Just some observations I've made by rotting my brain while watching tv:

Why would men want to dye their facial hair? Just For Men has a beard dye..really?? In the commercial it shows a man with a graying beard being shot down by a 30 or 40 year old woman. Are women at that age really that picky about graying facial hair??

Vanity makes me laugh; just shave the damn thing off! These are the same men who think the 'comb over' looks good and no one can notice. (I just want to shave Donald Trumps head while he sleeps. Luckily for him, he has great security guarding him.)

Onto Dell's newest commercial: laptops (of course.) Now in jet black. *blinks* Isn't the standard color for a laptop/desktop black?? Wow me with some hot pink, cherry red or lime green. "OOOH LOOK! THEY HAVE A NORMAL COLOR LAPTOP! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I SO HAVE TO HAVE THAT ONE!!" Oh wait..it's JET black..I get it now. *stabs*

The Office Max commercial makes me laugh (I think it's Office Max.) "WOW!! THAT'S A LOW PRICE!!" I need a job..

**EDIT** JackHammer is right (I just looked it up), it is a Staples commerical, not an Office Max commercial.

So I was just applying my green clay masque (mask?), made up of avocado and oatmeal (I have a pic in my default, but I'm not linking because it never works) and it smells really good. And I thought to myself: "mmm this smells really good. Hmmm oatmeal....oatmeal reminds me of peanut butter (WHAT??!) and peanut butter reminds me of Ford." and I thought about how strange it was that my Hulk  green oatmeal masque made me think of Ford....and then I wondered what would happen if I rubbed jelly on my butt. Or maybe rub avocado on my butt...would it make it smooth? And then it occurred to me: avocado is ALREADY smooth, I don't need to make it any smoother.


It's amazing how Ford makes my pores so tight and oil free....

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