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mwahahahah...I guess the only support forthcoming is going to be from me, so ioncestuous though it seems...Yayy Tony, you rock dude, I just know that you can do it so go go go I am 100% behind you all the way, and when you manage it I am going to give you a huge tongue kiss!
oh well, here we go, I am hoping that putting this out there for any and all to see is going to help me with that oh so important constituent of any weight loss programme....INCENTIVE I shall post my starting weight, and most important to me, waist measurement, then see if my monthly updates will show any improvement. What on Earth is a geezer as old as the hills bothering about this for? I hear you asking yourselves, nonplussed looks abounding..... Well, it just FEELS hideous....my skin over my stomach feels stretched as tight as a drumskin, I feel as if I am lugging a sack of spuds round my middle and third but by no means unimportant, I DO STILL CARE about what I look like! SO, as of today, Thursday 27th December 2007 I weigh 13 stone 10 lbs (192lbs) and my waist measures 46" My aim is to withiin 6 months lose a minimum of 30lbs in weight, and hopefully 10" off the waist. Target weight = 11 stones 8 lbs Target waist = 36" Any and all messages of support will be more than welcome, thanks tony xx
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