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by Twisted Illusion

Falling in the darkness,
Engulfed in my tears,
Drenched in insecurity,
Bounded by my fears.

Lost inside wonderment,
Torn and abused,
Gripped within emptiness,
Abandoned and confused.

Stripped and sickened,
Naked in the cold,
Banished from innocence,
Not worthy to hold.

Angry, so frustrated,
Dumped and alone,
Covered in shamelessness,
Weak to the bone.

Searching for happiness,
It's so far from me,
Fading in the distance,
Yearning to be free.

Screaming on the inside,
Silent to the ear,
Frozen to the core,
Blinded and un clear.

Soaked in gripping agony,
Like a fist around my heart,
Clueless of explanations,
Cut and ripped apart.

Living in nothingness,
Subconscious to me,
Breathing in a reality,
That isn't meant to be.
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