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as everyone is fully aware of the flooding in crawford and vernon county that just occured.....now a lot of people in those areas are extremely displeased (pissed off!) apparently, FEMA, red cross, salvation army and the health associations are offering to put the displaced families up in hotels for 10 days or so.....telling these families that their houses and living enviornment is unfit for children (threatening to take children away from parents) until they get the surroundings to a certain extent to where it is again safe for the children. they are offering to put these families up in a hotel, they are giving these families food, clothing, etx.....though the BAD NEWS is....... if you were not insured for flood damages, if you did not own your house (you were renting) if you have bad credit....YOUR SCREWED!!!!!!!! they wont help you with structural damages to the houses, they will NOT cover losses to property (they are classifying what is a nessessity and what is not) all the farmers.....they lost their crops, their milking barns and houses flooded, basement walls are caved in from mud slides.....these crops...are their income, that is their life! they just lost it all.... WHAT THE HELL IS ANYONE DOING TO HELP THESE PEOPLE? nothing we will spend government money THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to put these displaced families in hotels BUT we will not help them repair the actual damages! WHAT KIND OF FUCKING LOGIC IS THAT? why are we wasting this money putting these people up in hotels???? is their house and land magically going to repair itself? we are WASTING the governments funding completely! if you have bad credit....you cant get a loan to repair the damages these people had happen to their cars, their houses, their basements, their furniture, some have been put out of work because their places of employment....were of course flooded. how are they going to make money to support their children and repair these damages these ASSHOLES are threatening to take away their children over??????????????????? what moronic logic have we come to these days???? this is rediculous! if we can spare government money to put these people up in hotels, WHY the hell cant we put that money towards their loss and damages! this was a natural disaster for gods sake, these people didnt see this coming, these people didnt deserve this....these people now cant get any help of funding if they werent insured of have bad credit....they are paying out the ass for a natural disaster.... that is apprently our ecinomic system though....the middle class, the upper class, HELL we will rebuild their houses, if you are low class or middle class but were stupid enough not to have flood coverage....ah, screw you, we dont care about your losses and damages. THAT IS THE MESSAGE WE ARE SENDING OUT!!!!! what the hell has this world come to? i have never seen more cold hearted people in my life! WHAT IF IT WAS YOU?????? answer me that? what if you were the one that just lost half of your belongings, most of your property needs thousands of dollars to repair.....now, salvation army, social services, health departments, fema, the national guard, they want to call you an unfit parent because you cant afford to fix the damages they want to kick you while you are already down!!! mmmmm isnt that todays society they want to take your children now....hmmmm, think about it people. god help us. that is all i can say in this situation. we will bomb and completely rebuild another country because we feel guilty for bombing them.....but we wont take care of our own people in the time of need! THAT IS THE BIGGEST LOAD OF SHIT I HAVE LIVED TO SEE YET!!!!!!!!
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