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Slippin Slide Productions's blog: "1-08"

created on 04/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/1-08/b207249
We do recover. I am. I'm Carlton and I Ďm a recoverin addict. Iím recoverin and I donít find a problem with letting it b known. I guess u sayin 2 urself well what r u tell me 4? I can turn around and honestly say, what u reading this 4 then? But it is not about that now. I am just sharing the betta part of me has now been activated again and with improvement it will blossom 4 a betta tomorrow. I just got 2 say b careful what the hell u pray 4, cuz it wonít show up when u allow it or how u looking 4 it. Put it 2 u like this, when u least expect it, yeah, not how u pictured it, hell no, how u want it repeat after me, hell fuckin no. Can u deal with it when it comes? Depends on how open ur mind is and how much selfishness u have mounted on ur shoulders. I donít have lot of a lot of things, thank God brains is not one, so when I got g my answer, I knew what the dilly was and didnít run from it, basically I couldnít. In china 8 symbolizes luck, now I can look at 2 ways, in 08 I prayed 4 a new way of life, given another opportunity 2 grow, in other words. I guess forgot a lot of things had 2 balance out or had 2 b faced before I could face the direction of the yellow brick road. Friday 4 some mean payday, mine 2, I was moving that day when I was 2 awaken, so I thought. That night I blew the roof off climbin 2 the moon, without the hell of Scotty, Cpt. Kirk, or Dr. Spock. That morning I was turning over 2 Baltimoreís Police Department personal alarm clock (poundin on the door). This alarm alerted ur fears, the house is surrounded cum on out with ur hands up. Out of 6 of us in the house/hotel/hi-tel, 3 of us knew and wanted 2 follow directions, 2 of us with out secret now about 2 b brought 2 reality knew betta, and the main one that they was huntin 4 made it that much more impossible 4 us 2 avoid possibility wakin up without the chant feed-up (meal time in jail). After this dilemia went on 4 couple of hours, the task force decided they must b finished hidin or flushin the drugs, which was now and they wasnít there 4 that! I believe they think they gave us a enough time 2 use what we had left. Stupid, that was done hours ago. It wasnít about getting no last head, butt, or going fishin, cuz all the bitches in the house was terrorified and confused, if they wasnít uncertain with themselves, they wasnít sure about whomever else. Mind now no one can avoid b-in this hostage, cuz we eat, sleep, and live rent here and the proceeds was goin 2 the hunted. Betrayin him was not an option. We would have took the harvestin a fugitive out of loyalty. Put it 2 u like this we was prayin like shit they leave. We was quietier then a disconnected phone and scared as a kid runnin home from bullies after school. Well u can imagine what happen after that moment. Well pinned up in jail yet again, I reflected on what got me there. Not the day I got caught in the house raid, which lead me to becum David banner black cuzin n b on the run 4 a year. I was doin good, until they stumbled across me lookin 4 someone else. What was funny only one person, other then myself remembered or got reminded I 2 was on the run. Shit 4 a minute I sort of forgot my damn self. No, it was in fact what or how I prayed 4 serenity and I learned it certainly donít have or wasnít going 2 b the way I wanted 2 receive it. I needed this lesson, cuz I 2 failed 2 live up 2 what I was offerin in return many times 4 my prayers when answered Just 4 today b careful what u pray for and who u use or what cuz it might just haunt u the rest of ur life. Some times surrending and givin the higher power the chance he gave u will surely save ur life. If it worked 4 me, it definitely will work 4 anyone, who wants 2 change or grow up.
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