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Mental slavery is new form of warfare. It is strategic. It deceives us to be a part of something great but is actually nothing more than a war where the other party wants to conquer our minds and rot us in a tricky way that we would never realize what really happened. It is to destroy a nation or a group of people in the most strategic manner that it would appear to them as glamorous but in real would be tragic.

Formal slavery is dead in most of the world but since we are accustomed to slavery because of our region’s history of slavery, we choose to be mentally slaves to societal traditions, fashions, status and trends. We are so accustomed to these ideas and since they are deeply rooted in our society that we refuse not be attached with such a thing. These societal trends make us slaves to their changes, their thoughts and we like being a part of them, more over we alter ourselves, we change our identities to be a part of this enslavement program.  We do all this to impress our own people and we do not realize for a second that we lose our uniqueness, our identity of being our self by choosing to be slaves to societal mindset; good or bad. This makes us lose our power of thought, we don’t think, don’t question, don’t analyze, we just believe that what’s happening is right, we go for face value, the superficiality of the situation rather than the depth and reason in it.

I believe that we are not mentally enslaved, we choose to be mentally enslaved because we get easily influenced by surroundings and as Gandhi puts it,

 “Freedom and slavery are mental states”

I second this thought because it’s all about the way we think and how strong enough we are to keep intact our originality, our uniqueness in this world.  When we are born, our body adapts to the environment in order to survive but what we are doing is we change our identity to be a part of society or to survive in this world. It is not someone who pushes us in the well of mental enslavement but its WE who decide to be the slaves ourselves, not physically but mentally. It is the modern type of slavery and we can’t blame anyone for it except for us, who chooses to be a part of it.

I never in real understood the value of questioning; when our science teacher would show us a certain phenomenon and would coerce us to question it. For me, it was plain stupidity to question a phenomenon which was natural but now, I do understand. It is important to question, it keeps our inquisitive nature alive and our brain keeps processing and analyzing. Slavery is brain death. It’s like you just have to follow what you’ve been told to. You are programmed rather than having your own thoughts on the matter. Once we go into mental slavery we become robots, we are no different from others in the mental slavery program and thus no brain activity which is how our brain dies eventually. We have no power of decision, no creativity in our tasks and we are no different than others. It doesn’t make us stand distinctly it merges us in the crowd of mentally conquered people, people who are mentally dead.

In the end I would just like to say what James Allen, statesman of New Zealand said,

“Before complaining that you are a slave to another, be sure that you are not a slave to self. Look within;…You will find there, perchance, slavish thoughts, slavish desires, and in your daily life and conduct slavish habits. Conquer these; cease to be a slave to self, and no man will have the power to enslave you.


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