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HuggableLovableKissableJen Fu Wife 2 Bri...'s blog: "Fubar Lover!"

created on 11/30/2006  |  http://fubar.com/fubar-lover/b29712  |  1 followers
Julieag33 "FU-... just checked you out! 1 hr ago
Anyone that knows me, knows I wouldn't even make a blog like this, but this so called woman, has caused so much drama and problems between me and Dale, she lives in KY, 4 kids, but lives on the net, causing problems in my life and god knows who elses, in my opinion she needs to get a fukin life, get off the pc spend time with her kids and clean her house, she defines the term "white trash" I have several screen shots of her stalking my page, several emails from her lieing etc...its really disgusting, for her being 33, having 4 kids, but lives on a website stalking me, just proves she needs to seek sum mental help, I'm the nicest person, but if this person lived close to me, I'd have to kick her azz sideways lol I've been on fubar almost 3 yrs now and this b!tch has been the worst, whats funny is she is a newer member, no salute, makes one wonder......I am a good judge of character and just looking at her pics, she looks ill and like she's trouble!
Julieag33 "FU-OWNED BY LadySin

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