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T's blog: "F Word"

created on 02/23/2009  |  http://fubar.com/f-word/b279913

Welcome to the fubar Yellow Brick Road Adventure! You must pay VERY close attention to the rules or you will be disqualified. There will be 5 stops on this tour. Every day there will be a new clue released that will lead you to the information you need to complete the next step. The person who completes all five steps first with the most amount of retweets by people other than themselves will win. The list of prizes and everything you need to know will be at the first stop!

To all of you who say you do not twitter! Now is the time to start! Win FREE stuff!


Your first clue is @ www.twitter.com/fubartweets

For those of you who are new to twitter, do not be scared. It is super easy to use and will compliment everything you do here. There are already hundreds of fubarbarians on twitter. Twitter will give you the ability to not only reach out to your friends on fubar but to the rest of th world.

1. Think of twitter as setting your status. If you notice, you can now twitter your status.


2. Following people on twitter is just like adding them as a friend. You will then be able to follow their updates.


3. The @ sign when used @fubartweets serves as a link to your twitter page when you tweet (post a message)


4. The # is a hashtag and will helps people find you when they do a keyword search.

Your twitter page is a great place for you to drive more rate, meet new people or ask for whatever it is you need. I look at it is a bulletin board on steroids.  DO NOT think of twitter as an alternative or another site to lear.  Twitter is your new weapon to increase your visibility on fubar!  Don't be sceeeeeeeeered!

Thanks for your support

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