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Tat 2 Addict's blog: "wanna be bad"

created on 08/10/2007  |  http://fubar.com/wanna-be-bad/b113993
sitting in the dark pain an electric spark the fuel to my fire increase my desire needle finds its mark the current courses through me with every breath i take nerves pulsating absolutely tittilating the feeling envelops me pleasure courses through me stimulating my mind extasy courses through me such a pain is hard to find my addiction, my climax, my love Copyright: Chantal Plummer
darkness falls no end in sight forget the pain shut out the light my pulse quickens as time draws near yet i know not what it is i fear do i give up? or fight to the end of my misteaks my soul cannot mend at last he comes my earthly time over body turns to ashes grave covered in clover Copyright: Chantal Plummer
kill the evil in my soul throw my heart to and fro i hear the voices in my ears tell me now are they near? drain the blood from my veins make me howl and scream in pain wrap your hands around my throat make me gag make me choke steal the breath from my lungs do not stop until its done. Copyright:chantal Plummer
Devour me and kill my soul throw me in that big black hole fill my heart with sin and greed for its the devil i wish to meet i need to feel the pain again i want to have the sting remain let my heart go up in flame let the acid onto me rain cut out my tounge gouge out my eyes so never again shall i cry burn my body or devour my flesh until there is nothing left Copyright: Chantal Plummer
Sunshine drips little drops into these lonly spots ease my mind slow my breath you are what some call death appear as light to me so bright blind my eyes you're so intense i walk along and cannot see But i know what lies ahead of me an afterlife, eternal song it never ends, at dusk or dawn ease my body into the grave for my soul has not been saved doomed to walk the earth anew knowing that it will never be through. Copyright:Chantal Plummer
Look in my eyes What do you see All the pain Deep inside of me? Is it the hate that no one else can see? Is it fate? Is it Destiny? For me to be alone For all eternity? Copyright : Chantal Plummer
Look in my eyes What do you see? Everything about me Deep inside you see Feelings Hidden in my Heart Only you know my darker part Copyright:Chantal Plummer
Evening Light A falling Star Everywhere I look There are In my mind Polluting my brain Thoughts of you Cause my heart pain You are gone Yet still here Everytime I look in the mirror Copyright: Chantal Plummer
I will never know myself till I am all alone I will never be anything as this me A fake, A fruad Who I am just feels all wrong I need a place To run and hide where no one knows my face I'll start new this time No more pretending that everythings all right no more pain I'm forced to hide I can be just me I'll finally be free Too bad it is only real in my dreams.
Is there Anyone out there? Anyone at all? Is there anyone Who hears my call? I seek the truth Behind the lies I seek only what I wish to find Strange beginnings events unexplained Is there anyone out there Who can heal my Pain? Copyright: Chantal Plummer
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13 years ago
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