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With all that is happening in Washington, I was just wondering how the CHANGE is working out for ya'll ?

WATCH VIDEO BELOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZiw3qVdFzw Just watched this vid. and it is very disturbing. Why is it just a small hand full of people really see what is going on? I have been asking questions like this for awhile now. Back in the early 90's when they tried to take down the World trade centers from the parking garage, what did everybody think, it didn't work they'll just stop? It took them a few years to come up with a plan but as history shows 9-11 happened. People need too WAKE UP and SPEAK UP before we have Marshall Law. Then you'll hear people complain about our civil liberties being steped on. So in short say nothing and you will have nothing later.
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