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Stevens's blog: "Volunteer Blog"

created on 09/20/2007  |  http://fubar.com/volunteer-blog/b131753  |  28 followers
Volunteer Coders

This blog will hold the members who Volunteer their precious time
to help Code Lounges, Profile Skins & Bulletins.

These members are Volunteers and are not official Fubar Staff.

Fubar is not responsible for the accuracy, quality or training of these members.

If you are in need of their services, SEND THEM A PM(private message)
from their profile and be patient while they answer.

Comments left for the coders will Not Be APPROVED on this blog for them to see.

Meet Fubar's Volunteer Coders!

(Go ahead and talk to them...they won't bite!)

Color References
LS --> Lounge SkinnerBS --> Bulletin SkinnerPS --> Profile Skinner

If you provide FREE coding services and would like to be added to this list,
have suggestions to improve this list or add other categories,
please send Stevens or Texas (Bouncer) a private message
with the areas you specialize in to be added.

If you are added and it is found you are charging for coding,
you will be removed from this blog immediately.

© This blog is subject to change at any given time

© This blog does have a copyright notice and cannot be copied unless given permission by its owner

Any Volunteer wishing to have their pic changed needs to private message Stevens
the image source to the new pic to be used on the blog.

All photos must be stationary (jpg) and must be uploaded to Fubar


Please Note: These coders do not get paid for their services. If they help you it is because they want to and have time. We don't want to hear about how a coder stole your codes or any other related Drama. Once a code hits Fubar's server it is property of Fubar.com. We would rather the volunteer coders code your lounge then Unsubscribe after the job they are doing is done (up to the coder). Any interactions you have with these coders are up to you (we are grown People use your head). If a coder is harassing, charging (they can accept gifts from the giftshop), if they go into settings and remove / destroy the code without notice, if they delete images used to code the lounge / skin with or if they are rude to you or your staff either Stevens or Texas (Bouncer) will ask both parties their side of the story and come up with a judgement. We will look into every offense that is reported. Also know coders do not like to use pre-existing code, if you do not want the code removed please let the coder know before he/she enters the lounges settings.

Copyright© Lounge_Coder_Blog™ ~ All Rights Reserved

Blog Moderated by: Stevens / Texas (Bouncer)

Blog Designed by: Stevens

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