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Somewhere amongst the debris of scattered minds

Where lost memories wander through dark labyrinths of a worn-out kind

I pull and stretch out the tattered spire that once romanticized twilight skies

Before reaching in shallow violet-colored waters pale faces litter with blackened eyes.


Metallic voices drone in the abysmal quagmire as hollowed dreams form inside my head

Twisting Life’s stigmas into shapeless identities that silhouette against banal formalities;

The Unknown weaves a silver cord spiraling through the glitches of a fixed reality ahead

As marmalade souls, so tantalizing at their seam, drip pass hidden crevices of nostalgic frailties.


Idle thoughts writhe beautifully against floating parabolic realities of shape-shifting desires

As the voids of phantasmal eyes tweak the fabric of unborn ideas mankind inspires,

I gather recycled remnants of multiple personalities resonating a strange familiarity

Though cannot begin to fathom its meaning due to the Veil disfiguring clarity.









Felt like uploading this since I like how it is so far. :]

Another surreal type poem I wrote and posted on my writing profile (check out http://www.writerscafe.org/ParanoidSchizoAngel/); here I describe Voidwalking (a.k.a. astral/mental projection)...or at least what's going on while doing it. I also vaguely describe personal experiences on what I saw when prying the third eye open. I don't expect to get a lot of feedback on what's been written so far since it is pretty vague & personal, though I do so enjoy provoking thoughts in others and encouraging them to always keep an open mind :]

There'll be a few more paragraphs added on sometime in the future...

P.S. - Oh, and title subject to change ^.^

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