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Venture Capital Magazine FundingPost.com is currently producing its Q2 2008 Venture Guide. This unique Venture Capital Magazine will be mailed to over 400 leading Venture Capital firms in the United States. It will also be sent to leading venture capital analysts, investment bankers, and service providers. How to get involved: Entrepreneurs You can list your company profile in either a quarter-page, or a full-page executive summary. This profile contains your contact information, company description, amount of capital sought. Investors You can apply for a subscription to the Quarterly Venture Guide here. Note: Accredited Angel Investors or Venture Capital firms only! Service Providers You can list your company profile in a Quarter-page text-only ad. This ad will have your company description, and contact information. Advertisers You may advertise your company in a half-page, or a full-page color ad that you design. Venture Capital Magazine, Venture Guide, Venture Capital, angel investors, investors, VC, VC magazine, VC fund, VC guide, startup
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