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created on 09/24/2011  |  http://fubar.com/ramblings/b343688

I seriously think you guys just like to bitch because it gets your adrenaline flowing.  

  • You bitch for years about getting new abilities and when they start working on them, you bitch about how they go about it.
  • You bitch about the widow maker requirement.  Well guess what folks, it's there to weed out the folks who don't think the level is worth it.  Not everything in life is easy.  It's also free to do.  If you don't like it, don't fucking level.  It's that simple.  If there were only easy level requirements, everyone would be at the highest level and bitching about how there isn't any variety.
  • You bitch because you don't have an iPhone or iPad and so you can't get the discount.  Guess what, it's called MARKETING.  Yeah, you know, that thing that companies do to get more business by giving away free shit and discounts? 

I also think a lot of you like sore knees, because all you do is beg.

  • "OMG new bling, must have!"  Yeah, so if you must have it, buy it yourself!  Or better yet, trade with someone else.  Sometimes you people seem to forget that bling costs real life money.  I don't care how pretty it is or how badly you think you 'need' it, begging in your status is the equivalent of standing on the street corning begging people for money while dressed in a nice suit.  All of my bling was freely given to me or traded for with other bling or purchased for myself. Yup, I bought my own God Modes and other expensive bling.  Why?  Because I wanted it and hell if I was going to ask someone I've never met to drop $50 or more on me.  That would just be pathetic, don't you think?
  • "I need to be in the 1000 daily rank to level, please rate me!"  Okay, try this one on for size. I left fubar for about ten months.  I came back a week ago.  I WORKED my ASS off to get in the top 1000 and I never begged a fucking soul because I knew it would never happen if I sat on my ass and waited for people to rate me.  Guess what, I was able to level the very next day.  IT IS NOT HARD TO DO!  Want tips?  SB me, I'll tip your ass all the way to heaven.  You won't need bling or cash, just time.  Yes, it will mean you need to work, but you want to level don't you?
  • "I only have xxxx amount of points to go, help me!" Yeah, read the one above.  Wanna level without bling?  Find someone running autos on a day that offers unlimited 11's.  Those days happen often.  Click on their bomb/ez rate folder.  Mash the 11th cherry and arrow over to the next picture.  Rinse and repeat.  Go forth and like every page you can find.  Rate boomies.  I mean seriously, points are fucking easy. Quit being lazy.

To sum it all up:


That is all.  Feel free to comment, I won't bite.  Any personal attacks will cause my finger to slip onto the block button.  Freedom of speech is one thing, name calling and shit because you don't agree is uncool.

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