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marie's blog: "Venting Garden"

created on 01/28/2007  |
i am so tired right now. I get home from work and it's like i'm on my second job. It's not stop with getting dinner together, picking up around the house, taking Buddy for a walk. This week I haven't gotten to bed until 11:30 or 12:00 pm. I get up at 5:45 am during the week. Ugh. I can't wait until the weekend. I will sleep in. I need to catch up on some serious sleep. Normally i am in bed by 10:00, but this week has been unusually busy. OK. Enough about my lack of rest. The weather is great this week. The sun is out and it's just beautiful. We have broadband on our computer now and it's so great to be off dialup. When we had dialup, I would get online, try to get on a website and sit and wait, and wait, and wait. Now it just pops up. It's great. I'm on my lunch break and it's almost over. :( oh well. I shouldn't complain. I have a good job that i really like. :) Have a great day everyone.
It's Sunday morning and the kids are in bed. This means it's quiet....for now. of course Buddy our dog is up, but he's not scratching at the door to go out yet, so all is well....for now. I love the weekends because most of the time, there is nowhere I have to be. I relax, get my laundry done, and get on the internet. I do, however have to walk Buddy. I wish I could just open the door and let him go "do his business", but he would just take off. He has gotten out before and come back though. I was told once that if a beagle runs away, they come back if they're loved. Maybe that's why he came back. He knew we loved him. I love my life. I'm very satisfied. I hate winter, but I realize it makes me appreciate the warmer temperatures. I guess I've learned to take the good with the bad. If we didn't have the bad, we probably wouldn't appreciate the good, would we? Aah to be satisfied. There's nothing like it.
well, we're getting snow today. school for the kiddos let out early. i doubt if we'll get a lot, but the town i live in acts like it's a blizzard when they see one little flake fall from the sky. LOL. guess you can't be too careful.
Hello out there in cherry land. The weather here today is 20 degrees. Yesterday, the weatherman said we were going to get snow today. Well, guess what? We're now going to get a dusting. I got all excited about getting snow and it's barely going to cover the ground. OK, now I've vented and I feel better now. LOL. Actually, I'm glad we're not going to get a lot of snow. I have to work tomorrow and the kids go to school. I'd hate to have to drive in that. So with that said, YEAH, no snow. LOL
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