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Never posted a blog, but I needed to vent and figured this was as good a place as any.. A brief background, I have been divorced for about 6 years, I have a wonderful son, not so wonderful ex.. My ex met some guy on line and took off to another state preventing me from having my time with my son as agreed.. Finally for the first time in 6 months she returned to the state, and I was to have my son for 4 days, not much considering, but any time is worth it to me... My lawyer came up with a plan that once he was here we would turn her in for th 50 counts of contempt of court, somehow she caught wind of this, and countered in the worst way... I am a bartender in a fairly busy club here where I live, last night I show up to work, and hadnt been there any more than 20 minutes when 2 police officers walked in, this is not unusual, they do walkl thru from time to time, however this time they came straight to me.. The officers asked to speak to me outside, I saw no reason not to comply, we get outside and they pull out the cuffs.. You can imagine my suprise, they said they had a warrant for my arrest for back child support, I told them that was impossible and they can check it online, naturally that didnt get me very far... I am NOT behind!!! The warrant was dated for a year and a half ago, at that time due to a lay off I had gone behind 2 months but quickly made that up.. So, why after all this time would they pull this up and pick me up, well it turns out she knew about it somehow, and when she found out what we were planning to do, she called them and told them I had it and should be picked up.... I went in front of a judge this morning with my lawyer and it was shown that I was NOT behind and that the warrant was to have been pulled a year ago, and he ordered my immediate release, and even said sorry for the mix up... I rushed to pick up my son from the babysitter only to find that not only had she beat me to it, but she had already left state.. I dont know what to do, I fear that she will not bring him for Christmas because she knows what I plan and she knows I am even angrier now, I dont know I just needed to get this all out before I exploded.... And people wonder why I said I would never marry again...
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