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vampiress's blog: "Vampires Promise"

created on 08/20/2011  |  http://fubar.com/vampires-promise/b343025  |  1 followers

A Vampire's Promise

The smell of you,

The pulse in your neck

I can feel, hear and see your life

Coursing through your veins

I need it; I want it

I will take it from you


Look into my eyes

Fall into the endless Sky there

See the universe inside us?

Past and future fade

There is just now, just the two of us.


Give yourself to me

Eager and willingly

Pleasure and Pain

Succubus to my desire

I will fulfill every fantasy you ever had.


Bare yourself to me

Let me drink your essence

Invite me to partake of you

Your blood, your flesh, yourlifew

I will savor you, remember you

Love you forever


I will touch you

Where you have never been touched

Your hardness, your softness;

Your weakness, your strength

I will absorb every dream

Become every wish

Let me stroke you.


Let mne kiss you

Inhale you

Become one with you

Give me your love, your soul, your life

We will be immortal

Out love endless, timeless.


Warm this coldness

Inflame these dead embers

That my heart has become

Take me, caress me, stroke me

Kiss life back into me

Let me feel the ecstacy

Only you can give.

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