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Before you read any further, if you're going to be judgmental and chastise me for speaking my mind in my own blog, GTFO. kthxbai.

Now that that's out of the way, I'm noticing something on here. I've not only lost over 200 friends from my friends list over the past few days (could be a fubar glitch, idunno), but the majority of the people I'm attempting to interact with over the past few days, are either ignoring me, or avoiding me. Personally, if it's because I commented about some n00b (doesn't matter WHO it was, the guy I was talking about actually turned out to be pretty kewl - it was the point of it, not the person, but most of you didn't read far enough to know that) and his blog whining about baby mama drama, then idgaf, because like I just said - it wasn't about him personally, it was the idea that a new guy's blog about baby mama drama was more interesting to my so-called friends, than the 10 or so blogs I wrote in those 2 days. Only 2 of the people I saw jump in his blog showed up in any of mine. The only time people showed up, is to yell at me for "attacking him" and whatever else they all screamed at me.

It's a shame that people are so defensive over people they've just met, against someone they've known for 2 years. I don't get it. One person specifically, used to praise me for the man that I am. She's said "you've taught me that love really exists", and "you're the best friend I have on here"... but stopped talking to me because I chose to talk to someone she doesn't like... and was one of the chastisers over the blog I wrote mentioning that "n00b's" blog... I mean, really. If they'd taken the time to read WHAT I was complaining about, they'd know it wasn't in ANY way attacking him as a person... I'm sure they won't read this one all the way through either. I'd be surprised if anyone actually does. If you have, just say the word purple in the beginning of your comment, so I know you did. It will tell me who I can actually believe in from this point on.

I don't care if people are gonna drop me, or ignore me, or whatever, because this place has become a shithole. It's a giant popularity contest, and I'm sick of being the "nice guy" and getting passed over and ignored, for whatever latest shirtless guy posts his k0k pics. It's sickening, and I'm too old for that shit.

I'm sure there will be people making their snide comments in here, if one or two of the "popular" people comment in here - because I know seeing me post a blog won't bring anyone in, only if someone "popular" comments in it. Yeah, yeah, say it's because you didn't see me post it, say it's because your bar tab moves too fast, whatever. Like I said in the blog about the "n00b", he posted it, and less than 2 minutes later, 15 or so of my friends had commented in it. That's basically what I was trying to say. Barely anyone pays attention to blogs I post, even though the possibility of mesothelioma is quite strong, and my friends know I've been sick since October last year. Shit, no one has even ASKED me how I'm feeling. That's also kinda what I was saying - a blog about baby mama drama is more attractive to "friends" than a blog letting people know that the lung problems that have sent me to the ER twice from not breathing, are still here, and getting worse. THAT bothers me. Makes me realize what people really give a shit about - drama. Not people. Drama. Me? I've had enough of it. Those of you that wanna follow the "in crowd" and whore for drama, so be it - good riddance. Those of you that actually still give a shit about people, and their well-being, thank you.

Now that I'm done ranting, feel free to talk amongst yourselves, because I won't be on here for long after posting this, I'm taking my daughter to the park. She's better company than most of the people on here.

*slurpz the appropriate peoplez*

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