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UTA 2011.wmv
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Nitemusic3May 29, 2011-- 8 of 8yes lol as you see the begining of the video before you click play thats me holding my cell phone up in the air taking pics as james was above me shooting video as best he could the cameras kept dying and yes i am so proud of him his bravery and sheer will to keep going with a hair line fracture
barracudaMay 29, 2011-- 7 of 8wow this fantastic
Nitemusic3May 23, 2011-- 6 of 8this just in rob went to a doc this morning before class it is a small hair line fracture im waiting on a return call from rob now im praying and hoping this doesnt set him back for his bo black belt test hes worked to dam hard to get this far to have to wait longer for the black belt
Nitemusic3May 23, 2011-- 5 of 8
barracuda said:
wow you must be so proud of him
i am very proud of him he was in alot of pain and risked a more serious injury to continue on this art is not an easy one to master it becomes mind over matter in many cases when an injury occures it can set you back weeks even months yet he risked it all to prove to himself he can finish strong and he did he made me cry i was so proud of how well he fought in sparring yestersday he is MY son smiles
barracudaMay 23, 2011-- 4 of 8wow you must be so proud of him
Nitemusic3May 23, 2011-- 3 of 8
rob was injured during the breaking event even though i urged him with so much at stake and testing in june for bo black an injury would set him back for weeks to get to black belt he was brave fought with honor and grace he came out fighting hard pput 4 points on the brd his oppnant out weighed rob by 60lbs yet rob held him at 4 points and didnt let him score any more shots mere seconds totie the match rob ran out of time as he set up for a round house kick to tie buzzer rang end score 4-3
correction on score 4-5
Nitemusic3May 23, 2011-- 2 of 8before the competition started rob needed sparring gloves I want to also thank legendary martial arts and equipment for cutting us a good price for the gloves 25 dollars and they cost normaly 40 needless to say at the time we didnt know he would get injured so those gloves kept his hand protected from more injury thank you! legendary arts im so happy i got them for him
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