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I recently just gotten a phone number for a girl by her mom....Girl is hot thats for damn sure but would it be proper for me to call this girl or just forget about it and chalk it up to mom meddling Apparently this mom thinks I am the best thing since sliced bread...Little does she know huh he he he he.Anyways I am still struggling with this so I'm thinking I might apply some junior high grunt work just to feel comfortable calling her lol. Which is probably what I'm going to do. Just so I can save the aggravating stalker label which I loathe with a passion....I was stalked once...OMG it was annoying...Everywhere I went she was there...Waving with her pudgy little hands and waddling her 350 pound body around traying to make her ass wiggle only accomplishing making my stomach turn and vomit in the street........... Yours The slightly eccentric naked blogger
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