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So I haven't been able to go to the gym lately because I had been going through alot of family stress and my dad hasn't been able to come out to my place to watch my son and it's all together way to much money to put into gas for me to drive my son out to him, and then drive back to the gym I have a membership at and then back to pick up my son and then back home..just couldn't afford it.. so I went job hunting to figure something out, and got a job finally.. (that's another story completely) .. but anyways.. I lost more weight at that job than I did while working out at the gym.. in just 5 days I have lost 7 lbs... woot!! haha.. I hope I can keep it up!!!!!!!! I feel great right now
So I have been totally slacking on my blog, but not on working out..thankfully..I wasn't able to go to the gym since last Wednesday.. until this morning, because my parents were in Vegas and everybody else has been sick, or I didn't have money at the time to pay a sitter... but I have been working out at home so I didn't slack off TOOO much.. I definately made up for it in the gym today though.. did 40 minutes of cardio / 20 on bike, 20 on treadmill and then I did circuit training and cruches, and then did my first step aerobics basics class... yowza.. I got charlie horses in both calves and got really dizzy.. so I didn't complete the hour long class, just 30 minutes of it.. but it was definately fun and could feel the burn after just a couple minutes, so I am going to have to make sure I am there every Wednesday to work my way up to doing more. I am eating Healthy and making sure I avoid the aisles with all the junk at the grocery store and the over processed foods and even working on getting my son to eat what I eat so he doesn't develope unhealthy eating habits and go through what I did growing up. so far I am lucky.. He prefers green peppers over chicken nuggets.. and loves eating off of my salad.. lol anyways.. I need to go eat my lunch. lots of green stuff on the menu.. lol.
So I went to the gym again yesterday and did the circuit and cardio and some stretching.. I took a break this morning from the circuit and this evening I am going up there to do cardio and step aerobics.. I wonder how I'll feel after that.. My abs are really sore right now from yesterday but I guess that's a good soreness.. I will have to let ya know how I am doing after my class tonight though..I haven't ever done a class yet.. so we'll see how it goes. Thankfully right now my legs feel fine other wise I don't know if I'd have the courage to go tonight..hahaha.. but I gotta keep motivated.. I have lost more weight and when I look in the mirror I am actually seeing results.. especially around my waist line!! woohoo.. no wonder that's where it hurts the most.. haha
So I got up this morning at 7:55am, did some laundry, vacuumed and got ready to go to the Gym.. My appointment was at 9:30am and my dad was late getting here so I didn't get to walk to the gym. But I did get a very extensive work out with circuit training and did 40 minutes of cardio. Got my heart rate going really well so all in all I did just shy of 2 hours of working out. I really liked the woman that I worked with..she was very good at motivating me and helped me accomplish my goals today.. I am going again tomorrow morning and I'm probably going to do 60 minutes of cardio and double the amount on the circuit. Next week when my parents are back from Vegas I am going to start doing the 9:30am classes and then after that doing the circuit and then at least 3 times a week I am also going to go back again when my friend Heather starts watching Connor and doing a second class.. I am determined and I am going to do this!


Why do people get mad at me for making my own decisions? Why do people act like I have been misinformed?! My decisions towards joining the Marine Corps were not made after some recruiters brain washed me.. I came to the decision on my own.. I even went and checked out the other branches..which they couldn't offer me what I was looking for..and that came from them... not the Marines telling me negative things about the other branches, because that did not take place at all. I am 22 years old.. and a mother.. I am adult enough to make my own decisions and don't need people constantly trying to talk down to me or second guess my choices. Especially one where it involves the future of myself and my son. This is my decision to make.. and I will make it!
So I walked to Fitzone for Women..which is about 45 minute walk being that I had to go through all the other apartment complex to get there because there was no sidewalks from here to there. Talked to the woman there about their class schedules and nutrition and what not. I have an appointment Monday morning at 9:30am to transfer there and get my stuff situated for circuit training. She also gave me a schedule for the Nutrition seminar so I will be attending that November 13th. I then walked over to see Cher at Grinderz.. where Connor got to eat some fries and I had a bottle of water.. lol. I was very good too.. I didn't take a single bite of his fries. I then walked back home which I think was about 50 minutes. so.. and some of it was up and down hill.. so hopefully it pays off. It started off a crappy day when I got up and it was raining out and then as soon as I realized it was becoming a nice day I decided I had to take advantage of it since I didn't get to go to the gym.. I am hoping that tomorrow will be another nice day and I'll walk up to Cher's work again.. or at least walk around the complex.. or to CVS.. something.. I'll do anyways. I'll write more later.
Went to the recruiters yesterday morning and decided to take the advice of a few people and checked out what the Navy and Army had to offer.. nadda! As a single mom I can only go reserves with Navy and Army which means no housing and no medical coverage for my son.. that seems like a waste of going to bootcamp!! I am not going to be away from my son for 13 weeks to come home and not be able to provide for him much more than I can now.. So the Marines is the route.. I just gotta figure out which job I'd like to go into so that way it'll help keep me motivated..I like to know my options up front and make goals so I know what I'm doing.. as of right now.. I am starting to wake up earlier than normal and when I get use to that I am going to start waking up even earlier (I am not a morning person so this takes steps.. lol lol lol).. Today I have been eating healthy and have been doing lots of housework and drinking lots of water so that's a start too.. I didn't have the chance to go to the YMCA today to sign up becuase Connor wasn't do so well and I was looking up car insurance quotes.. BLAH! anyways.. I am going tomorrow morning to FIA and then on over to the YMCA. I'll post more from there!
So I am going to be joining the Marine Corps. I am going to start working out with a recruiter 4-5 times a week and am trying to lose 100 lbs. in 6 months so I'll be updating this blog every once in awhile to keep you updated on my progress..
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